All kinds of goodness in this Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week—from Huckberry’s exclusive Yuketens, to the latest limited releases from Oak Street Bootmakers, to a rare ready-to-wear option from Iron Boots, and much more!

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viberg 310 service boot marrone washed kangaroo

Viberg 310 Service Boot in Marrone Washed Kangaroo: $820

Viberg highlighted some more of this season’s Marrone Washed Kangaroo in a double-header this week for Service Boot Sunday. One half of that release is the return of the 310-lasted Service Boot, paired with a rare brogued cap-toe that puts even more emphasis on that crazy sprung toe. Bottomed with Dainite studded soles.

viberg 2030 service boot marrone washed kangaroo

Viberg 2030 Service Boot in Marrone Washed Kangaroo: $820

Meanwhile, the classic 2030 last gets represented with its own BCT Service Boot, which are outfitted with Ridgeway soles.

rolling dub trio standard and strange roots engineer natural horsebutt

Rolling Dub Trio x Standard & Strange Roots 11″ Engineer in Natural Horsebutt: $920

A fresh delivery of Rolling Dub Trio has just landed at Standard & Strange—including their first-ever exclusive makeup from RDT. With the same foundation as other Roots models—Munson last, double-row stitchdown construction, cork soles, Quabaug heels—these 11-inch-tall engineers are made in a Japanese natural horsebutt that is sure to patinate like crazy, plus some shiny brass buckles. Amazing stuff, guys!

rolling dub trio casper brown oil chromexcel

Rolling Dub Trio Casper in Brown Oil Chromexcel: $775

Also in at S&S are more of RDT’s sleek Casper sidezip boots. Crafted on the CBT02 last, the Casper features a 360 flat welt, leather soles, iron toe taps, and Boots Factory rubber heels. They’re available in Brown Chromexcel…

rolling dub trio casper black oil chromexcel

Rolling Dub Trio Casper in Black Oil Chromexcel: $775

…and Black Chromexcel. Both variants are factory-oiled to highlight the character of the CXL and soften it up a bit.

viberg freenote cloth service boot cognac shrunken horsebutt

Viberg x Freenote Cloth 2055 Service Boot in Cognac Shrunken Horsebutt: $940

This exclusive Service Boot from Freenote Cloth is striking. For starters, they’ve selected Japanese tannery Shinki Hikaku’s Cognac Shrunken Horsebutt, a very dense leather with tons of craggy character. It’s paired with Viberg’s 2055 last—an anatomical shape much like the 2045, but with a lower toe profile. It all comes on a pair of Goodyear commando soles, making for quite the rugged package.

oak street bootmakers trench boot trail crazy horse cats paw microlite

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot in Trail Crazy Horse: $524

The latest special editions from Oak Street feature more of this fantastic Trail Crazy Horse leather from Milwaukee tanner Seidel, and also highlight the Cat’s Paw Microlite heel—a top lift that lacks the iconic white dots of the “Twin-Grip” model but still boasts great traction. It pairs excellently with Vibram’s durable, low-profile 705 half-sole. This combination is available in Oak Street’s Trench Boot…

oak street bootmakers trench oxford trail crazy horse cats paw microlite

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Oxford in Trail Crazy Horse: $518

…Trench Oxford…

oak street bootmakers lakeshore jump boot trail crazy horse cats paw microlite

Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Jump Boot in Trail Crazy Horse: $536

…and the Lakeshore Jump Boot, which looks quite nice here with the blind eyelets.

nicks boots riverfront

Nicks Boots Riverfront: $490+ (Made to Order)

Nicks has taken a crack at designing a minimalist shoe—well, “minimalist” as far as Nicks is concerned. Standing at only a 4” height, the Riverfront features an un-gusseted tongue and un-stitched opening, allowing for a highly comfortable fit. You can craft your own custom plain toe or moc toe variant (the moc toe is also available in their “quick ship” expedited lead time configuration).

jadd shoes billy tannery desert goat chestnut

Jadd Shoes x Billy Tannery Desert Goat in Chestnut: $362 (Pre-Order)

Small-batch British tanner Billy Tannery has once again tapped Jadd Shoes to make some classic desert boots in their leathers. The Desert Goat is made in Billy’s veg-tanned goatskin with a 360 stitchdown construction and natural crepe soles.

jadd shoes billy tannery parkland desert boot bark suede

Jadd Shoes x Billy Tannery Parkland Desert Boot in Bark Suede: $362 (Pre-Order)

The deerskin-clad Parkland Desert Boot is also back for more action, featuring Billy’s full-grain deer suede.

iron boots devil dog black waxed bullhide

Iron Boots Devil Dog in Black Waxed Bullhide: $799

Iron Boots’ narrow-almond-toed Devil Dog is available ready-to-wear in their black Italian waxed bullhide. The waxy finish will slowly wear off over time, leaving only whisps of white behind. These Devil Dogs are outfitted with their crease-resistant horsehide lining, handmade stitchdown construction, dogger heel profile, and Dr. Sole Supergrip full soles.

yuketen handsewn tokyo db chukka fo g brown

Yuketen x Huckberry Handsewn Tokyo DB Chukka in FO G Brown: $705

Huckberry has scored some exclusive makeups from Yuketen, including their Tokyo DB Chukka, which borrows the ball-bearing hook designs found on vintage alpine ski boots and marries them with a handsewn chukka moccasin. This iteration is outfitted with a comfy Vibram wedge sole.

yuketen huckberry hex eyed boat shoe grizzly brown

Yuketen x Huckberry Hex Eyed Boat Shoe in Grizzly Brown: $605

The other Huckberry exclusive is this boat shoe made with some eye-catching hexagonal eyelets, paired with some Vibram honey lug soles that offer a bit of a cushion but don’t compromise on traction.

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