And this is what we call a nice strong varied roundup right here! Keep reading to watch the count on our own active pre-order collabs hit three, a Shinki Latigo horsehide duo, plenty of summer-ready handsewns and chukkas, and more, in the latest: Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week.

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Stitchdown x Alden Madison Otis Indy Boot

Stitchdown x Alden Madison “Otis” Indy Boot in Brown Calfskin: $716 (Pre-Order)

The first run of our Otis Indy collab disappeared pretty quick, so Alden Madison is running a second pre-order right now (with delivery in late 2024 or early 2025). The dual goals behind this collaboration were maxing out comfort and creating a lifetime, wear-anywhere boot.

Calf leather is often thought of as a dress shoe-only option, but the way Alden’s brown calf patinas over the years with hard wear is a thing of absolute beauty—and there’s no need to worry about babying it, this stuff can take a lickin’ and rewards you for it every time. On that comfort front, we’ve found the Trubalance last/double waterlock leather sole combo to be as comfortable as any Goodyear welted boot we’ve experienced—perfect for city walking, but Ben also tells me he’s been taking these on hilly hikes (maybe shouldn’t be their primary purpose??) recently and they’re faring great.

Of course you can go with some more straighforward, dressier flat waxed laces, but the tan round option that ships with the boots does a great job of classily casualing things up.

Stitchdown x Russell Moccasin - Fishing Oxford V2 - Tan Laramie Suede

Stitchdown x Russell Moccasin Fishing Oxford in Tan Laramie Suede: $650 (Pre-Order)

After V1 of our Russell Moccasin collab went swimmingly (fishingly?) we’re excited to be back with two more Fishing Oxfords open for pre-order now. (Excited enough to plug them two weeks in a row? Damn straight.) They’re still tough, funky, and comfortable as hell—as Ben said, “they’re just built different”.

The first model we’ve got are a loving reimagination of our first Fishing Oxford collaboration, although for the sole we swapped in another light and cushy Vibram 2060 cavity wedge  (you have to mix things up a little). By and large though, this is a model that we cooked up, loved, Thunderdomed, and loved even more. The Laramie suede is coarser than some, but highly durable and still soft with a slow burn patina. And of course they’ve got a single vamp + molded sole (what Luke from Russell terms “a heel counter for your entire foot”) construction. It’s very hard to find a more comfortable piece of footwear than Russell Moccasins, but the Fishing Oxford pattern and 30/Munson last really over-deliver on that promise.

Stitchdown x Russell Moccasin - Fishing Oxford V2 - Walnut Timberjack

Stitchdown x Russell Moccasin Fishing Oxford in Walnut Timberjack: $650 (Pre-Order)

This one’s all new: our Fishing Oxford in S.B. Foot Walnut Timberjack, a wonderful pull-up from S.B. Foot that wants to be worn hard, and will reward you for it. They’re built with the same single vamp + molded sole on Russell’s Munson (or 30) last for a little extra room up front. Really fun casual shoes you can wear with pretty much anything.

Viberg - Service Boot 2040 BCT - Shinki Black Latigo Horsehide

Viberg Service Boot 2040 BCT in Shinki Dark Brown Latigo Horsehide: $1,010

Viberg dropped two new limited release 2040-last Service Boots in Latigo horsehide from Shinki—a champion of a workhorse boot leather that still polishes up nice, especially after a lot of wear. This makeup features double-row stitchdown construction and a Ridgeway outsole balanced against 9 small eyelets and a brogued cap toe. They’re available in dark brown…

Viberg - Service Boot 2040 BCT - Shinki Dark Brown Latigo Horsehide

Viberg Service Boot 2040 BCT in Shinki Black Latino Horsehide: $1,010

…and black.

Tricker's - Corbett Walking Boot - Pittards Water Resistant Calf

Tricker’s Corbett Walking Boot in Pittard’s Water Resistant Full Grain Calf: $920

Tricker’s is currently celebrating their 195th anniversary with a tramping shoe for the bogs of the future. The hiking boot with a 360˚ storm welt is named for Scotland’s 222 Corbetts (hills which meet certain requirements for height and relation to nearby peaks…ok!), and uses the wide-fit 1961 last designed for the eponymous J.R. Corbett and his mountaineering club. The uppers are clicked from Pittards water resistant calf with a roughout collar and unit outsole. Both the outsole stitching and the laces are bright hunter orange.

Nicks - Wellington

Nicks Boots Wellington Chore Boot: $495 (Made to Order)

Nicks Wellington model, in a roundabout way, hews close to the historical origins of the pull-on style, which was designed to take the full abuse of riding in harsh conditions. This pair is also shows their western and PNW influences, evident not least in Nicks double row stitchdown construction. In further Nicks fashion, there’s no shortage of customization options either. We’re talking 20 leathers, HNW or Thurman-toed last options, and just about any conceivable size (among others).

Russell Moccasin - Professional Hunter - Bronze Chamios

Russell Moccasin PH in Horween Bronze Chamois: $615

Russell just restocked one of its core PH makeups that deploys a single vamp construction with a molded sole. Thanks to the Scottish twill quarter panels and and Vibram 360 outsole, these things offer a pretty insane weight-to-capability ratio.

Russell - Zephyr - Premier Build

Russell Moccasin Zephyr Premier Build: $725 (Made to Order)

This week Russell’s given Zephyr the same treatment the Backcountry got last time around. All the customization options, all in one place, including five soles and six leather choices.

Parkhurst - Colvin - Dune Roughout

Parkhurst Colvin in Dune Roughout: $328

Parkhurst’s newest model is a take on the classic two-eyelet dress chukka. There’s a 360˚ storm welt with fudging and a Parkhurst-branded studded rubber outsole. It’s a minimal but agressive pattern, with sparse but well executed detail, and it puts the leather on full display. As of right now that’s either Dune Roughout…

Parkhurst - Colvin - Mahogany

Parkhurst Colvin in Mahogany: $328

…or Parkhurst’s signature Mahogany, a combination tanned pull up cowhide.

Rancourt - Pinch Penny Moc - Olive Bulldog

Rancourt Pinch Penny Moc in Olive Bulldog: $288

Rancourt released a new collection this week in Horween’s Olive Bulldog: combo-tanned, hand burnished, and conspicuously green. The release contains three classic models: The Pinch Penny loafer on a nitrile cork camp sole…

Rancourt - Classic Ranger Moc - Olive Bulldog

Rancourt Classic Ranger Moc in Olive Bulldog: $288

…that same outsole and leather paired with four eyelets on the Classic Ranger Moc…

Rancourt Gilman Camp-Moc in Olive Bulldog: $288

And the cozy, laced, Gilman Camp-Moc.

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