Though summer heat is not far off, this week of releases features a healthy mix of heavy workwear options (albeit elegant ones) and warm-weather-ready footwear, from heavy logger boots from White’s maestros Division Road all the way to unlined suede loafers from Lof & Tung.

New releases and older sale models alike bring hope of a not-so-distant, post-quarantine future. If you’re not as optimistic as me, they should at least give you a little burst of serotonin to help you make it through.

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DivisionRoad Whites Boots British Tan CXL Semi-Dress 375White’s x Division Road British Tan CXL Semi-Dress 375: $635

An exclusive collab with Division Road Inc., the Seattle-based retailer takes the British tan Chromexcel Semi-Dress boot and turns White’s 5” icon into a more classic “tallboy,” which we’d consider to be nothing short of damned exciting. The silhouette evokes Depression-era workwear, and like the boots of the time, is made to function in all aspects of life (not many people had 20-deep boot collections in the Depression). 55 last, block heel, Vibram sole.

04Division Road x Whites Boots Distressed Roughout & Crazy Chief LTT Logger 375

White’s x Division Road Distress Roughout & Crazy Chief Lace-Toe-Toe Logger 375: $615

This admittedly “overbuilt” boot is an eye-catcher for a number of reasons, but the real draw is the pairing of a distressed roughout and nubucked Crazy Chief. Heavily influenced by the logger and lineman boots of yore, DR pared this one with a low-profile Vibram sole, while maintaining classic workwear details like brass hardware and a gusseted tongue.

Though the 55 last on these may do your feet a world of good, the purchase of these, or any DR products right now, will do Seattle a whole lot better. A portion of the proceeds of this sale (and the above boot) will go towards DR’s Contribute Through Craft initiative, which helps businesses and individuals in their community affected by Covid-19.

Viberg Service Boot Red Brown Horsehide Latigo

Viberg Service Boot in Red Brown Horsehide Latigo: $825

A boot that no introduction (but here’s the Very Complete History of it anyway…), Viberg once again trots out their famous Service Boot, this time in a red brown horsehide Latigo, a heavyweight, full-grain, veg-tan horsehide from Japan’s Shinki tannery. Built on the 2020 last (get more info on it here) with a brogue toe cap and a black dainite sole.

Viberg Service Tan Horsehide Latigo

Viberg Service Boot in Tan Horsehide Latigo: $815

More hard-wearing Shinki horsehide, the same quintessentially Viberg details, but a different leather shade. The tan Latigo used in this Service Boot is primed for wear and practically begging to be broken in and patina-ed like mad. This boot also makes use of the 2020 last, Dainite sole, and that same expert stitchdown construction.

Viberg x Bureau Shell Cordovan

Viberg x The Bureau Belfast Rigger Boot in Garnet Shell Cordovan: $1,120

Horween’ garnet shell cordovan makes a serious statement on the Bureau’s exclusive Viberg Rigger boot, a take on a classic Viberg workboot lineman pattern. A 2021 Vibram sole and Viberg’s most-accommodating 110 last are harmoniously united with stitchdown construction. Brass hardware, tonal stitching, and kip vamp lining round out the ensemble.

Oak Street Bootmaker Trench

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots: 25% Off

Ten iterations of Oak Street Bootmaker’s Trench Boot are on sale at Independence Chicago. All are based on the WWI M1918 boot and feature Goodyear welts, partially structured toes, and rawhide laces. These made-in-USA boots can be had with or without a cap toe, but all utilize Horween leathers, Vibram heels, and Dainite rubber-studded soles.

J. Fitzpatrick Loafer

J. Fitzpatrick Madison Full Strap Penny Loafer in Forest Green Suede: $375

J. Fitzpatrick has opened a GMTO for their Madison Penny Loafer in a rich Forest Green suede. The full-strap loafer comes with their signature double-penny slot and can be had with either a single leather or city rubber sole. Leather-lined and Goodyear welted, these loafers use the brand’s TMG last and you can either put down a 50% deposit or buy in full (with a 10% discount).

Meermin Norwegian Split Toe

Meermin Norwegian Split Toe Derby in Brown Country Calf: $195

The Norwegian Derby is a handsome, important pattern, and now Meermin has released their own interpretation of this classic. Using their new-ish HOK last, these get chonked out just enough with a commando sole. If the pebbly, brown country calf isn’t to your liking, Meermin also offers a striking tan calf on the commando, and navy, green, and black on Dainite.

Learn a ton more about Meermin here

Lof and Tung Loafer

Löf & Tung Antibes Loafer in Tobacco Suede: €264

The Antibes loafer is a fully-unlined loafer meant for summer R & R. The shoes utilize the Swedish brand’s S last, which makes for a classic, casual loafer fit.

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