This weeks roundup highlights an in-stock engineer from Brian the Bootmaker, some never before seen Skoob boots, our own latest collaboration with Alden Madison, and oh so much more!

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Alden Madison x Stitchdown "Otis" Indy Boot - Dark Brown Calfskin - Double Waterlock Sole

Stitchdown x Alden Madison “Otis” Indy in Brown Calfskin: $685 (Preorder)

Hot off the hard drives of our CGI experts is a rendering of the upcoming Stitchdown x Alden Madison “Otis” Indy, now available for preorder. Our riff on the timeless Indy boot goes with the wildly comfortable, heavily oiled double waterlock leather outsole, chukka tan mocc stitching, and a dark brown calf upper (which Ben says is in pursuit of that “inimitable Old Calf Dress Shoe Patina”). Hope you dig ’em!

Role Club/Brian The Bootmaker - 1945 Engineer Boots - Brown Italian Horsehide

Role Club 1945 Engineer Boot in Brown Italian Horsehide: $2045

Few do it better than what Brian’s hand-making out in LA, and this week he’s released a limited quantity of RC1945 Engineer Boots in brown Italian horsehide on custom Role Club x Dr. Sole half soles and heels. These are hand welted, with embossed midsoles, fireman yellow sole stitching, and a custom woven logo patch. If you’re interested, we’d advise reaching out to Brian for sizing advice.

division road x trickers super monkey boot — snuff suedeDivision Road x Tricker’s Super Monkey Boot in Snuff Suede: $625

DR’s beloved Super Monkey is back and living up to its name once more in a three-pack headed off by this model sporting C.F. Stead’s unmatched—and newly even-more-weather-resistant—Repello snuff suede. While these are still, obviously, Tricker’s, the lightweight/long-lasting Vibram Morflex sole and Flexi-welt construction shaves off a ton of weight from the Northampton stalwart’s standard build.

division road x trickers super monkey boot — black unicornDivision Road x Tricker’s Super Monkey Boot in Black Unicorn: $625

These super-est of monkeys also come in Stead’s matte black Unicorn (Elk! It’s just elk we swear.)…

division road x trickers super monkey boot — bone nubuck kuduDivision Road x Tricker’s Super Monkey Boot in Bone Nubuck Kudu: $625

…and the highly intriguing Bone Nubuck Kudu.

Viberg - 145 Oxford - Brown CXL

Viberg 145 Oxford in Brown Chromexcel: $740 (Preorder?)

There are a few sizes still available of the recently resurrected 145 Oxford in Brown CXL, which is chock full of chonk thanks to Viberg’s 110 last and Vibram 2021 outsole. For the full specs and details, check out this article.

Skoob x Stuf|f - M43 - Brown Horsebutt

Stuf|f x Skoob M-43 Service Shoes in Brown Horsebutt: $766

Skoob’s lastest M43, this time in brown horsebutt on a leather sole + topy combo, was released at German retailer Stuf|f this week. All of Skoob’s boots are Goodyear welted in Tokyo, and if you’re ordering from outside the EU, you’ll get a tidy little VAT refund.

Leffot x Rancout - Bit Ivy Loafer - Whisky Shell Cordovan

Leffot x Rancourt Bit Ivy in Whiskey Shell Cordovan: $795

Fresh on the shelves and going fast is the latest shell model from Leffot and Rancourt. Built on the 114 last, we’ve got an intriguing blend of Rancourt’s signature beefroll moccasin loafer plus horsebit style. This loafer is unlined, with a leather sole.

Leffot x Alden - Leydon Penny Loafer - Hummus Suede

Leffot x Alden Leydon Penny in Humus Suede: $645

And lest Leffot lose out on the chance to collaborate on another loafer, they’ve let loose an Alden model on the Leydon last. This pattern has a single leather sole and squared off stitching on he counter. It’s being offered in (among other leathers) a finely napped Hummus Suede.

Viberg x Withered Fig - 2030 Mule - Chestnut Calf Suede

Withered Fig x Viberg Mule in Chestnut Calf Suede: $650

Virginia-based Withered Fig doesn’t want a fear of loafers to exclude anyone from loafing around this summer—so they’ve brought two new Viberg Mules. 360-degree Goodyear welted on Lactae Hevea natural rubber soles, these are built on the 2030 last. Bear in mind that despite the 2030-ness, the laceless fit will differ from from a service boot-style pattern (go smaller). Available in chestnut calf suede…Viberg x Withered Fig - 2030 Mule - Natural CXL

Withered Fig x Viberg Mule in Natural Chromexcel: $590

…and natural Chromexcel. Withered Fig recommends one full size down from Bannock, or 1.5 for a snug sock-less fit.

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