With how many patina-ready boots are dropping this week, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind you once again that the inaugural Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome is on the horizon. Most of the pairs we’re highlighting today would be excellent contenders for the contest, including a smattering of Viberg Service Boots, a special rugged Consiton release from Crockett & Jones, a couple of handsome new Aldens from Ealdwine (ok maybe the spectators aren’t perfect for the Thunderdome…or maybe they are), and more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

viberg unglazed color 8 shell cordovan

Viberg Service Boot in Color 8 Unglazed Shell Cordovan: $1450

This week Viberg is hitting us with a one-two punch of Service Boots. First up, their monthly shell drop for May is a pair in unglazed color 8 shell cordovan from Horween. These things should patina like crazy and would be an excellent contender for the Patina Thunderdome. They’re built on the 2030 last and feature Dainite soles.

viberg dark rubber dublin workshoe butt service boot

Viberg Service Boot in Dark Rubber Dublin Workshoe Butt: $830

Don’t sleep on these guys either! Horween has also prepared a special edition of their Workshoe Butt leather for Viberg. Rather than processing this horsebutt through a Chromexcel tannage, this leather gets the Dublin treatment and is chock-full of waxes, giving the leather a smooth, saddle-like texture. These will also be patina monsters, without doubt. Also a 2030 build with Dainite soles.

viberg miloh burned oak dublin

Viberg x Miloh Shop Service Boot in Burned Oak Dublin: ~$760

This handsome 2030/Ridgeway Service Boot is also available on Viberg.com, but Miloh’s got some sizes that Viberg’s sold out of. Maybe yours!

Viberg Service Boot - Black Unicorn Roughout - 310

Viberg x Standard & Strange Service Boot in Black Unicorn Roughout: $725 (Releasing 10am EST Friday 2/28)

Rounding out the Viberg releases this week, Standard & Strange found some mysterious “unicorn” leather (okay fine it’s moose) and paired it with Viberg’s 310 last to make one heckin’ chonker of a boot. These are made with Vibram 430 soles, and thoughtfully feature a woodsman heel, dark brown midsoles, and tonal stitching.

DivisionRoad Trickers Stow Acorn commando

Tricker’s x Division Road Antique Acorn Stow Boot: $565

The ultimate Tricker’s icon in Northampton’s oldest brand’s iconic leather, done DR-style with a commando sole, all eyelets, and a pull tab.

DivisionRoad Trickers

Tricker’s x Division Road Coffee Burnished Eaton Boot: $565

The slightly chiller, perforated cap-toe cousin to the Stow, these Eatons get the same natural storm welt, inset commando sole, and 4497s last. And they are ready to rip.

alden ealdwine vinhmd tanker color 8 shell cordovan

Alden x Ealdwine “VinhMD” Tanker Boot: $840

Now available for preorder, these NST boots are a collaboration between Ealdwine and their buddy @vnguyen_md. Built on the dressy Hampton last with Color 8 shell, these boots feature a 270 flat welt, Indy-style quarter stitching, and Alden commando soles.

alden ealdwine saxon spectator

Alden x Ealdwine “Saxon” Spectator Shoe: $625

Also available from Ealdwine, these spectacular spectators are made with a combination of cognac lady calf and ivory suede. Built on the Barrie last with a 360 reverse welt and double Waterlock soles.

meermin penny loafer cognac softcalf

Meermin Penny Loafer in Cognac Softcalf: $195

Meermin is ready for a hot, hot summer, and the best way to beat the heat is with an unlined loafer. There’s an avalanche of limited edition loafers on their site this week, including these pennies in cognac softcalf…

meermin penny loafer caper green alpine

Meermin Penny Loafer in Caper Green Alpine: $195

…these ones in some fun alpine grain…

meermin slipper bourbon museum calf

Meermin Slipper in Bourbon Museum Calf: $230

…and the above slippers made with some snazzy bourbon museum calf. All of these different loafers are made on Meermin’s Rod last and feature their lightweight Flex construction. Find all of these limited-time loafers here.

crockett & jones waxed roughout coniston

Limited Edition Crockett & Jones Coniston: $630

Normally, C&J’s Coniston derby boot is a casual, slightly dressy option, but these ones mean business. These limited-edition Conistons are ready for some real puddle jumping, and are made with “water-resistant dark brown roughout suede,” which sure looks like a waxed flesh-ish situation to us, and a pair of rugged Vibram commando soles.

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