You’ll have to excuse my absence last week. I paid a visit to NYC to hang out with Ben and a gaggle of other simply lovely and damned interesting shoe nerds, and to grab a New York slice. But I’m back, and I’m here to tell you about all kinds of new releases, including a whole bunch of Aldens, a head-turning Viberg country boot, some exciting new Midas boots, and more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Alden Madison Indy Boot in Milkshake Suede: ~$615 (Pre-Order)

Ready to make a big impression when we come out of hibernation next spring? These oughta do the trick. Milkshake suede comes together here with a red cavity wedge sole on Alden’s Trubalance last. Snazzy.

Midas Bootmaker x Skolyx Moc Toe Boot in Brown Pullup: $468

Big news coming from Sweden’s Skolyx: they’ve teamed up with Indonesian maker Winson’s workwear offshoot Midas Bootmaker to create three pairs of ready-to-wear handwelted boots from the Indonesian bootmaker. Of note here is Midas’s very first moc toe boot, exclusively available at Skolyx, made on their Landshaker last in a brown pullup leather on a light-but-sturdy Vibram Morflex outsole.

Midas Bootmaker x Skolyx Service Boot in Brown Pullup: $468

Also available from Skolyx are two variations of Midas’s service boots, both built on the Edlyn last atop Dainite soles. You’ve got the option of going with the same brown pullup leather here…

Midas Bootmaker x Skolyx Service Boot in Brown Roughout: $468

…or you can pick the more boondocker-y roughout makeup.

Alden x Ealdwine “Boardwalk” Longwing Blucher: $640

Take a walk with “The Boardwalk,” new in stock this week at Ealdwine. These eye-catching longwings pair brown alpine grain leather with some lush snuff suede. Barrie last, 360 reverse welt, double Waterloc soles. Noice.

Alden x Ealdwine “Apex” Perforated Cap Toe Boot in Arabica Lux: $625 (Pre-Order)

As one of the hot new Alden leathers on the scene, Arabica Lux has been having a killer 2021. That streak continues with a new Arabica Lux rendition of Ealdwine’s “Apex” PCT boot, made on the 379X last with a 270 flat welt and double Waterloc soles.

Alden x David Wood “Stroudwater” Perforated Cap Toe Boot: $645 (Pre-Order)

The specs on these Arabica Lux PCT boots are a lil’ different from the previous pair. Trubalance lasted, 360 reverse welt, commando soles. Tough choice here!

Viberg Country Boot in Polo Brown Oiled Shoulders/Terre Calf Suede: $750

Viberg mixed things up this week by offering up this mixed media country boot. The way they’ve meshed these two C.F. Stead leathers together has really elevated this style, IMHO. These guys are built on the classic 2030 last, with Ridgeway soles.

Viberg Chelsea in Rowdy Dachshund: $740

Another recent drop from Viberg, this chelsea gets done up in the amusingly-named Rowdy Dachshund. Made on the 2050 last with a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles. (They just dropped this week at Rivet and Hide as well; check ’em out there if you’re in the London area!)

Alden x Dashing Chicago Plain Toe Boot in Brown Calfskin: $615

Newcomer Dashing Chicago (check out Ben’s interview with proprietor Sean Moran here) is offering up a 379X boot of their own, made in a brown calfskin from German tannery Perlinger with a 270 flat welt and double oak soles. Straightforward, yet elegant.

Grant Stone Ottawa Boot in Natural Kangaroo: $370

Some cool new things dropped recently at Grant Stone, including these split-toe Ottawas in a natural kangaroo leather. Built on the Leo last with GS’s own lug sole, I wouldn’t sleep on these…you’ll rue the day you missed this ‘roo.

Grant Stone Traveler Penny in Sky Reverse Kudu: $328

Just because the autumn clouds have arrived doesn’t mean the blue skies have left. You can still find them here in Grant Stone’s penny loafer, done up in this lovely sky reverse kudu from C.F. Stead. This pair is built on the Alexander last with butyl leather outsoles.

Grant Stone Brass Boot in Dune Chromexcel: $360

Finally at Grant Stone this week, a newcomer to the Brass Boot lineup, this time in some sandy Dune CXL. These are Floyd-lasted, with all-weather rubber lug soles.

Alden x Brogue Shop “Chaouen” Cap Toe Boot: $610

Built on Alden’s Hampton last, these cap toe boots are made with a navy suede, a 360 flat welt, and single Waterloc soles. The black eyelets paired with the black edges is an excellent touch.

Tricker’s Allan Tramping Boot in Black Derby: ~$625

Now online at Tricker’s is a web-exclusive collection they’re calling ConsTruct, focused around reviving older patterns as well as introducing brand-new ones. For the collection’s introduction, they’ve just released three shades of the Allan tramping boot, built on the 4497S last with Horween Derby leather, a Barbour storm welt, and commando soles. Available in nut brown, natural, or this handsome black colorway.

Tricker’s Daniel Tramping Shoe in Natural: ~$570

Built with similar specs to the Allan, the Daniel is a tramping shoe that is giving me some serious Viberg 145 vibes! Also available in three shades of Horween Derby. View the entire ConsTruct collection here.

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