Welcome back! This week we’re taking a look at the latest leather addition to the Nicks Boots lineup, some more of that Congo Shrunken Bison at Oak Street Bootmakers, handsewn sneakers at FEIT, and much more.

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viberg 145 oxford rowdy dachshund

Viberg 145 Oxford in Rowdy Dachshund: $800

We’re still buzzing about the recent Workshoe Butt 145 Oxford release from Viberg, and they’ve already gone and done it again: two more limited-edition drops in our favorite boot-shoe style. First up, a Rowdy Dachshund makeup that features a stitchdown construction on Ridgeway soles. This pair comes on the 2030 last, which is a great option if you can’t make the wider 110 last of these other 145s work for you.

viberg 145 oxford saddletan chromepak

Viberg 145 Oxford in Saddletan Chromepak: $800

The other new 145 is a Saddletan Chromepak makeup on the 110 last, which has a stitchdown construction with some Vibram 705 half-soles for a nice low-profile look.

viberg service boots camel latigo horsehide

Viberg Service Boot in Camel Latigo Horsehide: $915

Another recent limited release from Viberg is a pair of Service Boots in some sturdy latigo horsehide from Japan’s Shinki Hikaku. Crafted on the 2030 last, these boots feature a perforated and pinked cap toe along with some Lactae Hevea crepe soles. Available in a tan Camel…

viberg service boot olive latigo horsehide

Viberg Service Boot in Olive Latigo Horsehide: $915

…and a green Olive.

whites bakers centennial cruiser toscanello horsebutt

White’s Boots x Baker’s Boots Centennial Cruiser in Toscanello Horsebutt: $550 (Pre-Order)

In case you didn’t hear, Baker’s Boots is celebrating 65 years in business this week, and they’re commemorating this milestone by offering some exclusive models. In a limited run of 50 pairs, this White’s 350 Cruiser is made with Maryam Toscanello TPR horsebutt, and features a double row stitchdown (in lieu of the usual rolled handwelted stitchdown) to create a sleeker look.

wesco mister lou wickett craig tan latigo

Wesco x Baker’s Boots Mister Lou in Tan Latigo: $749 (Pre-Order)

Baker’s other commemorative pair are these Mister Lous in a supple, sturdy Tan Latigo from Wickett & Craig. Built to a 10 inch height with a pair of Dr. Sole Supergrip half soles.

wesco bakers rugged workwear jobmaster teak

Wesco x Baker’s Boots x Rugged Workwear Jobmaster in Teak Rambler: $799 (Pre-Order)

Made with the input of @ruggedworkwear, these burly Jobmasters are built to a 7 inch height with a double midsole and Vibram 705 half soles.

nicks boots natural dublin

Nicks Boots Urban Drifter in Natural Dublin: $569

Horween’s Natural Dublin waxed veg tan leather is now available at Nicks Boots. You can find it in a variety of different configurations, including the ever-capable Urban Drifter.

oak street bootmakers trench boot black oiled congo shrunken bison

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot in Black Oiled Congo Shrunken Bison: $512

OSB is taking another pass at Seidel’s Congo Shrunken Bison leather—grain side out this time around. These limited-edition pairs are built on the Elston last with a 270 flat welt and some Vibram minilug half soles. You can snag a pair in this leather in a brogue-cap-toed Trench Boot…

oak street bootmakers trench oxford black oiled congo shrunken bison

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Oxford in Black Oiled Congro Shrunken Bison: $498

…or a plain-toed Trench Oxford.

feit hand sewn low latex military

FEIT Hand Sewn Low Latex in Military: $450

These suede court sneakers are crafted with a handwelted midsole combined with a cup sole that has been cemented with a water-based adhesive, ensuring that these shoes can be easily resoled. This style is now available in a green Military…

feit hand sewn low latex beige

FEIT Hand Sewn Low Latex in Beige: $450

…and a light Beige. (By the way, be sure to check out Ben’s interview with FEIT’s Tull Price on this season of the Shoecast, if you haven’t already!)

alden brogue warriors pt black shell cordovan

Alden x Brogue “Warriors PT” Boot in Black Shell Cordovan: $855

The black shell edition of Brogue’s “Warriors PT” plain toe boot is made on the Trubalance last with a 270 flat welt and neocork soles.

unmarked uma loafer sand roughout

Unmarked Uma Loafer in Sand Roughout: $300

“Cowboy boots, but make ‘em loafers!” you say, to which Unmarked replies, “Say no more, fam!” These roughout loafers feature a 270 flat welt, a double leather outsole, and a fancy toe bug.

truman boot martini rambler

Truman Boot Co. Service Boot in Martini Rambler: $460

C.F. Stead’s rough-n-tumble Rambler leather comes in a green Martini shade on these boots, which feature a 270 storm welt and Truman’s proprietary commando soles.

meermin norvegese chelsea snuff waxy kudu

Meermin Chelsea in Snuff Waxy Kudu: $470

This week, Meermin is all about Norvegese chain stitching—this distinctive stitching style can be found on all of the models featured here, and they’re all available to order for just a few more days. First up, a rugged-looking chelsea boot with some C.F. Stead Snuff Waxy Kudu, built on the Hok last with Meermin’s City Lug rubber soles. 

meermin longwing blucher brown country calf

Meermin Longwing Blucher in Brown Country Calf: $420

These LWBs are made on the Rui last in some fancy Du Puy country calf, complemented by JR leather soles.

meermin plain toe blucher tan karangrain

Meermin Plain Toe Blucher in Tan Karangrain: $400

Made on the Hiro last, this blucher features pebbled Karangrain leather from Annonay and JR leather soles.

meermin norwegian split toe blucher black freudenberg calf

Meermin Norwegian Split Toe Blucher in Black Freudenberg Calf: $445

Finally, Meermin also has a Hiro-lasted NST blucher bottomed with JR soles, coming in two varieties of Annonay calf: Black Freudenberg…

meermin norwegian split toe blucher beechnut naturcalf

Meermin Norwegian Split Toe Blucher in Beechnut Naturcalf: $445

…as well as Beechnut.

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