At long last: the much-anticipated collaboration between our favorite Norwegian bootmaker Østmo Boots and Chinese up-and-comer Iron Boots is ready to launch.

You may recall that we helped announce the “Irønmo” partnership way back in September of last year. At the time, we expected to see the fruits of their labor come sooner rather than later…unfortunately though, Covid has continued to play a big factor in causing lockdowns and supply chain disruptions, which complicated things significantly.

But, no matter! They’re finally here.

The Details

Østmo x Iron Boots will officially debut on July 28, and the first release will be available exclusively on the Stitchdown Premium Discord server. Following this first release, two more drops will be available in the following months. This initial drop will be limited to no more than ten pairs, but the next two will have thirty pairs each.

ostmo iron boots type 1 cigar featherstone details

These first three models are made by Iron Boots with the Østmo Type 1 pattern developed by Lars (and inspired by vintage Norwegian military boots), and built on Lars’ Moe last. Perhaps Østmo’s most well-known pattern, the Type 1 prominently features rivets at the quarters, along with a nice l’il swoop along the shaft. Iron Boots’ exceedingly high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail do a fantastic and honorable job of recreating the Østmo Type 1. The stitching and finishing here look impeccable. Each of these pairs retails for $1000.

ostmo iron boots type 1 moe last

For sizing on the Moe last, Mr. Ticho the Blanco—pulling double-duty as Shoecast host as well as sales manager for Østmo x Iron Boots—recommends going up half a size from your Brannock-measured size. For example, if you measure 11D in US sizing—a 44D in European sizing—you would take a 44.5D in the Moe last.

ostmo x iron boots maryam natural horsehide type 1 ostmo x iron boots maryam natural horsehide type 1 ostmo x iron boots maryam natural horsehide type 1 ostmo x iron boots maryam natural horsehide type 1 ostmo x iron boots maryam natural horsehide type 1 ostmo x iron boots maryam natural horsehide type 1

Østmo x Iron Boots Drop One: Type 1 in Maryam Washed Natural Horsefront

Stitchdown Premium members will have exclusive access to this Type 1 in a patina-ready Maryam natural horsehide. This leather is complemented by brass hardware and Dr. Sole raw cord full soles. Attention Thunderdome participants: no promises, but Ticho thinks it’s likely that these will be ready and shipped by October 1.

ostmo iron boots type 1 sb foot cigar featherstone

Østmo x Iron Boots Drop Two: Type 1 in S.B. Foot Teak Featherstone

As a longtime owner of a pair of Red Wing Beckmans in Black Cherry Featherstone, I love this leather and I think this may be my favorite Type 1 of the three here. Featherstone takes a beating like a champ and can also take on a hell of a shine. This model also features brass hardware, and comes with a Dr. Sole 1220 Supergrip full sole. Expect this drop sometime in late August.

ostmo iron boots type 1 black roughout

Østmo x Iron Boots Drop Three: Type 1 in Black Roughout

Finally, this inky black roughout looks right at home on the Type 1 pattern. Like the previous model, this boot also features brass hardware and Dr. Sole Supergrip soles. It will be available to order sometime near the end of September.

ostmo iron boots black roughout type 1

And There You Have It

That’s what we’ve got from Østmo x Iron Boots so far, and it’s not a stretch to say it’s one hell of a debut. Keep your eyes peeled for details on future releases by checking out Østmo Boots and Iron Boots’ respective Instagram pages. And, if you’re not already a member, consider signing up for the growing and honestly quite wonderful Stitchdown Premium community (the Discord’s really good, we promise!) by July 28th to get access to the first drop of this exciting collaboration (along with a bunch of other excellent perks).

Oh, and one more thing: Østmo x Iron Boots will once again be putting up a pair of made-to-order boots as a prize in the upcoming Patina Thunderdome. If you haven’t signed up to compete yet, pre-registration is now open!

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