Way back in some far-off distant boot past, Lars Jensen was the first-ever Shoecast guest. He came on to tell us his story, one of making truly incredible Østmo boots, 100% by himself, one pair at a time. Now, Lars is back to tell us about Østmo’s future—and it’s a very exciting one.

Lars and some strange person I’ve never heard of before have been working since that first episode to find a way to bring Østmo boots to a larger audience. The first step: find a bootmaking partner that held the same passion and maniacal dedication to quality, precision, and uniqueness that defines Lars himself.

And guess what they’ve found it: Iron Boots, the small Chinese workshop run by Lars’ brother from another motherland Kai, who has been making simply fantastic boots under Iron’s own brand for a handful of years now.

We chat about how the partnership came about, why it just makes sense, the development process, and of course, what the Østmo x Iron boots will look like and when and how they’ll be available (quite soon).

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