The leaves are turning shades of gold, red and brown, and with that comes some magnificent shades of footwear from some of our favorite makers. Read on to learn about a new leather offering from Nicks Boots, some magnificent shell cordovan pairs from Enzo Bonafé, one of the most distinctive pairs of Clinch Boots we’ve seen yet, and more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Viberg 310 Service Boot in Autumn Spice Shrunken Kudu: $730

It’s like you’re drinking a pumpkin spice latte. Except it’s autumn spice, not pumpkin spice. And it’s a pair of boots, not a latte. Alright, you know what, those things are nothing alike. These boots are dope, tho.

Viberg Herald Boot in Flint Calf Suede: $1030

Viberg’s elegant, elevated sidezips get the C.F. Stead treatment this week, coming to us in this enchanting flint calf suede. Built on the ever-popular 2030 last, with a flat welt and Dainite soles, these bad boys are dressed to impress. (Also available in terre calf suede!)

Black Sign x Clinch Transcontinental Boots: $1950 (Pre-Order via Standard & Strange)

Where to even begin with describing these. Black Sign is a Japanese garment company focused on reproductions of garments from the first half of the last century, and they’ve tapped Tokyo boot wizards Clinch Boots to create these Transcontinental Boots. They are, to paraphrase Ben, “terrifying yet oddly transfixing”.

Clocking in at roughly 16 inches tall, these boots (and honestly, calling them “boots” somehow feels like I’m selling them, well, short) are made with black waxed cowhide from France’s venerable Degermann tannery, with almost too many eyelets and speed hooks to count, and bottomed with a pair of O’Sullivan cork reproduction soles and heels. To those of you who will wear these with confidence and grace, I salute you.

Nicks Overlander Boots in Natural Tan Smooth: $529

Nicks has collaborated once again with Seidel on a special leather they’ve dubbed Natural Tan Smooth. Made with a similar recipe to their exclusive 1964 Brown, this leather features a slightly waxy character and a whole lot of natural scars and color variation. It’s a great pairing with these all-around stompers, the Overlander Boots.

Enzo Bonafé Chukka Boot in Calvados Shell Cordovan: $1152

Now available at Skoaktiebolaget, three new Horween shell cordovan offerings from the excellent Italian maker Enzo Bonafé! First, we’ve got these Calvados shell chukkas, handlasted on Enzo’s 363 Mod last with Dainite soles.

Enzo Bonafé Brogue Oxford in Calvados Shell Cordovan: $1152

Next, these brogued-out longwing oxfords, also in Calvados shell, handlasted on the 74945 Mod last, bottomed with Vibram Explosion half-soles.

Enzo Bonafé Brogue Oxford in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $1152

Finally, another magnificent longwing, in classic Color 8 shell. 

Alden x Leffot Leydon Penny Loafer in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $765 (Pre-Order)

Leffot chose Alden’s Leydon last for a sleeker take on their classic penny loafer in order to get a fit that would better prevent your feet from slipping out as you walked. Made with Color 8 shell and finished with some flexible single leather soles.

Unmarked x @cuffcheckdenim Archie-01 Ripple Armagnac: $420

In collaboration with @cuffcheckdenim (who’s rocking these boots for the Thunderdome!), Unmarked has placed their Archie monkey boot on a pair of some very loud, very cool Vibram ripple soles. Lookin’ lean and mean.

unmarked DB Hunter navy CXL

Unmarked DB Hunter in Navy CXL (they’ve also got in black): $420

A fun twist on the service boot pattern from Stitchdown’s favorite Mexican brand—highlighted by the unique backstay and really fun (and unobtrusive!) pull loop and airtight stitchdown construction—these aren’t brand new, but they just restocked them in this navy and also black CXL, and they’re definitely worth a look.

Wolverine 1000 Mile x Old Rip Van Winkle Batch 2 Boot: $400

Yep, the distillery, you read that right. One misconception I often see is thinking that the midsoles or heel stacks of today’s boots are made of wood, rather than leather. For once, that’s actually correct! Wolverine has taken pieces of barrels used to age Van Winkle Special Reserve and used them for heel stacks. These boots are made with Horween Whiskey Predator (of course) and come with hand-numbered textile tags on the tongues. Has science gone too far? (No.)

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