Happy New Year peoples. We’re back, and believe it or not we haven’t talked about boots all year—but that short streak ends today. Ending it for us will be plenty of Waxy Commander models at Division Road, chunky Neocork at Alden Madison, another heavy hitting Nicks makeup from Luke Larson, and more—all in the latest: Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week!

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Clinch Cowboy Boots

Big Ol’ Clinch Drop at Standard & Strange—Cowboy Boots, Jodhpurs, and Service Shoes: Live at Noon ET 1/5/24

If you’re reading this sometime late Friday afternoon…I still highly recommend clicking above to see some beautiful boots and service shoes! But they might all be gone.

If you’re reading this right around noon—stop reading dammit and get on in there! These Clinches tend to move quite fast.

Division Road x Viberg - Halkett Boot - Black Waxy Commander

Division Road x Viberg Halkett Boot in Black Waxy Commander: $840

When Viberg’s Fall / Winter collection got released wayyyy back in 2023, the Waxy Commander models went quick, especially in the “nature” colorway. As far as I’m concerned the stuff is one of C.F. Stead’s masterworks (think waxed flesh after it finishes its shift, relaxes, and puts on its ‘town’ clothes). Now, Division Road has rolled it out for a trio of shades and styles on its aptly named Waxy Commander Welted Collection, starting with a Halkett in especially waxy matte black with a 360˚ pinked storm welt. They’re completely murdered out, with black edge-dye, black speed hooks (the eyelets are blind), and a black Ridgeway sole.

Division Road x Viberg - Chelsea - Snuf Waxy Commander

Division Road x Viberg Chelsea in Snuff Waxy Commander: $840

Cheerily jumping from murder to (side) gore, the second model in this DR release is a Chelsea in snuff, with the same 360˚ pinked welt. While they’re certainly renowned for Stitchdown construction, Viberg’s welting uses a holdfast carved into the insole itself instead of the canvas “gemming” used on most Goodyear welted boots—the gemming isn’t likely to fall apart by any means, but this is the purest approach. The edge-dye and elastic goring are a tonal brown, and they’re built on Ridgeway around Viberg’s high-instep 2050 last.

Division Road x Viberg - Scout - Nature Waxy Commander

Division Road x Viberg Scout Boot in Nature Waxy Commander: $800

The final member of the trio is the Scout boot in light tan Nature, outfitted with a 360˚ split welt and sitting on a Vibram Christy outsole.

Nicks - AL64

Nicks AL64 Maker’s Collection: $589 (Made to Order)

The first boot in Nicks 60th Anniversary Collection is designed by none other than Lucas Aaron Larsson, whose personal Thunderdome boots generated enough interest that Nicks actually made them available for a limited run. The AL64 is version of that boot (the LL64), with its characteristic 5″ shaft and seven brass eyelets, but its available in the full range of Nicks leathers, plus a few limited options they currently have in stock. They’ll also ship with a Nicks stamp on the shaft.

Paraboot - Michael Lisse Ećorce - Smooth Calf

Paraboot Michael Lisse Ecorce in Smooth Calf: $479

Tyrolean shoes are currently they thing they always should have been—and Paraboot’s Michael remains one of the best. Straight from the (boot?) oven to the shelves of Lost & Found, and still piping hot: the Michael Lisse Ećorce, which according to the tiny Frenchman inside my computer means “smooth bark”. Which is presumably a reference to the high luster calf uppers, which feature a whopping two eyelets and the brands trademark green tag. Beneath the uppers, you’ll find a chunky 360˚ Norwegian welt and a rubber commando outsole.

Lost & Found x Alden - Chukka - Color 8 Shell Cordovan

Lost & Found x Alden Chukka in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $955

Lost & Found has another new two-eyelet, commando soled shoe in this week—Alden’s extremely classic chukka, this time found on the Barrie last. Color 8, looking great.

Alden - Plain Toe Boot - Color 8 Shell Cordovan

Alden Plain Toe Boot in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $889

Meanwhile, Alden Madison has swiped one of my favorite Indy details for their most recent Plain Toe Boot, the thick neocork outsole. These are also in Color 8 Shell, and also Barrie lasted, this time with a sleeker 270˚ flat welt that follows the 90˚ geometry of the outsole. In classic Alden fashion we’ve got five eyelets and four speedhooks in a deep brown.

Truman Boot Co. - Plain Toe Boot - Tobacco Chamois

Truman Plain Toe Boot in Tobacco Reverse Chamois: $480

Small-to-middling sizes are still available in Truman’s Tobbaco Chamois release—this is their classic plain toe boot on the 79 last, with seven eyelets, Truman’s Eugene sole, and a 360˚ storm welt which, like the midsole, has been finished with medium brown edge dye.

Russell - Oneida - Buck Tan

Russell Oneida Moccasin in Buck Tan: $385

Russell Moccasin has been cranking out Oneida models at a pretty impressive rate over the holidays, and they aren’t done yet. Just in time for the new year they’ve got a new two-tone version in Buck Tan with a thick bullhide outsole and a true moccasin construction. During WWI, the Oneida pattern was apparently issued to workers building Airships for the military, but we suspect many more recent buyers wear them around the house, and if these are your thing we promise not to tell the folks at Russell you aren’t actually building Dirigibles.

Easymoc - Easymoc - Copper Horween Latigo

Easymoc Slipper in Horween Latigo Copper: $290 (Made to Order)

Easymoc’s eponymous slipper is available for a limited time in Horween’s Copper Latigo. The pattern might be original to Easymoc but the build is a traditional Maine handsewn construction, finished with a Vibram camp sole.

Easymoc - Handlace - Brown Chromexcel

Easymoc Cape Harbor Handlance in Brown: $375

If a camp sole is insufficient chonk, there’s also the Cape Harbor Handlance, which has its plug attached to the vamp/insole using a whipstitch and a length of leather lace. That upper, in brown Chromexcel, is then affixed to a leather midsole and then to a beefy Vibram 2060 wedge.

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