Yes it’s almost Christmas. But we still have some boots!!

That includes a brand new pattern from Viberg, Wescos you don’t have to wait 18 months for, a duo of Oak Streets that still arrive before Christmas (somehow), and plenty more in this weeks: Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]
Viberg - N1 - Cuoio Vachetta Lucida

Viberg N1 Boot in Cuoio Vachetta Lucida: $800

Compared to Viberg’s service boots, the new-to-North America N1 boondocker features truncated quarter panels that don’t extend as far down the vamp and a simplified stitching pattern executed in lower diameter threat to achieve higher SPI. The heel counter geometry has been tweaked as well, nudging up closer to the quarters at the midsole and rounding out as it approaches the top of the backstay. Balancing out the new heel counter design is an unstructured toe, which on the 2040 last should leave a wide but shallow toe box after a little toe collapse. These are available with double-row stitchdown construction on corded soles, with uppers in waxy Vachetta Lucida horsebutt…

Viberg - N1 - Marine Field Shoe

Viberg N1 Boot in Marine Field Shoe Roughout: $800

…or classic and historically accurate Horween Marine Field Shoe roughout.

Brooklyn Clothing x Wesco - Warren - Charcoal Roughout

Brooklyn Clothing x Wesco Warren in Charcoal Roughout: $696

It’s been a little while since we’ve featured a new Wesco collab in the roundup, so the recent drop at Brooklyn Clothing was a treat (you, dear reader, could help reduce the backlog and make those releases more frequent). The first of its two models? A Warren boot on the MP95 last in Charcoal Roughout. Two rows of stitching from a Rapid-E attach that charcoal roughout upper to a Vibram western comp sole, which thins out so much under the arch that its silhouette is closer to a half sole than a full sole, a look we quite like.

Brooklyn Clothing x Wesco Hendrik - British Tan Domane

Brooklyn Clothing x Wesco Hendrik in British Tan Domane Roughout: $749

Your other option is a cap-toed Hendrik model, built around the same MP95 last on a Vibram Christy sole (wedge sole lovers rejoice!), which uses single-row stitchdown construction. In place of charcoal, the uppers are clicked from Domane Roughout in British Tan roughout.

Nicks - Limited Run - Italian Brown Cypress

Nicks Limited Run Boot in Italian Brown Cypress: $609 (Made to Order)

Nicks is offering a limited run of fully customizable, 6″ boots in Horween’s Italian Brown Cypress and judging by the pictures, this tannage absolutely devours scuffs and scratches as it ages. It’s a good fit for the Nicks ethos, and you can get it on any of their classic lasts (no Thurman here unfortunately) in whatever outsole, toe-style, and heel configuration your heart desires, with plenty of other options to boot.

Dashing Chicago x Alden - Whisper Indy - Black Shell Cordovan

Dashing Chicago x Alden Whisper Boot in Black Shell Cordovan: $890

Shhhhhhh—the Whisper Indy boot just landed at Dashing Chicago, and to plagiarize Henry Ford, you can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s black. That goes for the Horween shell cordovan uppers, the hardware, the 270˚ storm welt, and even the nitrile cork sole where a tiny bit of color peaks through from the cork. Dashing is calling it an “Indy,” and while we can’t really agree with that, we can agree this is a winner.

Brogue x Alden - La Brea - Tanker

Brogue x Alden La Brea Tanker Boots: $675

Brouge is offering a svelte Alden Tanker at the moment, in the form of the La Brea. In light of the name, we feel duty bound to remind you that keeping your boots away from prehistoric tar pits is a key tenant of leather care. And no wheezing the juice, please. If you can manage that you’ll have a great looking pair of boots, with the 379x last, 270˚ flat welt, and single oiled leather sole producing a model that’s all fine lines and balanced proportions. The saddle tan uppers unquestionably play a role in that as well.

Oak Street Bootmakers - Cap-Toe Trench Boot - British Tan Domane

Oak Street Bootmakers Cap-Toe Trench Boot in British Tan Domane: $518

Seidel’s Domane is having pretty good week, making its second appearance this roundup (grain out this time) on a Cap-Toe Trench Boot from Oak Street. This model uses a slightly unusual split welt that despite only having 270˚ of stitching, wraps all 360˚ around the vamp. That anchors the upper to a brown Vibram V-bar sole and heel. The result is a straightforward boot with enough detail to be interesting.

Oak Street Bootmakers - Field Boot - Black Overdye Teacore Horsebutt

Oak Street Bootmakers Field Boot in Teacore Black Overdye Horse Rump: $548

There are also a couple of limited run offerings in a black overdyed Maryam horsebutt, including this very glossy, very noir Field Boot, with a 360˚ flat welt and a raw cord outsole from Dr. Sole. Nice!

Parkhurst - Allen - Natural Double Shot

Parkhurst Allen in Natural Double Shot: $388

Eleven new Parkhurst models! Eleven! And just about all of them are still available in most sizes, though a handful of sizes are down to last pairs on the more popular models. These natural double shot Allens are a favorite because I’m a sucker for welt fudging on a plain toe boot, and there’s fudging aplenty on the subtle and well finished 360˚ split welt here, which sits atop a proprietary studded rubber sole. There are Delaware boots too…

Parhurst - Bidwell - Mahagony

Parkhurst Bidwell in Mahogany: $338

…as well as plenty of Bidwell and Bidwell 2.0 models, like these in Parkhurst’s signature mahogany leather, a hot stuffed combination tan developed exclusively for Parkhurst. Otherwise, you’ve got the same welt and sole construction as the Allen, which works just as well on the blind-eyelet derby pattern. You can check out the rest of their new models here.

That’s it folks, and since this is probably the final roundup of 2023, Happy holidays and see you next year!

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