We’ve got anniversaries, endings, and new beginnings this week. You’ll also find a whole hell of a lot of Viberg, including new N-1 models from Withered Fig and 35th anniversary models from Brooklyn Clothing, as well as the latest drop from Østmo and Iron Boots, the last Wesco preorder opportunity at Standard & Strange, and more, in this weeks: Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week.

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Ostmo x Iron Boots - Drop 10 - Oiltan Roughout

Østmo x Iron Boots Drop 10 in Oil Tan Roughout: $875 (Made to Order)

The arguably unlikely (thanks Ticho!), but inarguably wonderful partnership between Østmo and Iron Boots has produced its tenth model: a Type I boot on Østmo maestro Lars’s Moe last in 6-7oz oil tan roughout from Seidel. On the Iron Boots end of things, they’re built with 270˚ stitchdown construction plus the Iron’s leather insole/felt filler/leather shank setup, with the option to chose a cap or plain and structured or unstructured toe, add speedhooks, and choose from a number of outsoles. They currently have enough leather for 20-25 pairs.

Dr. Sole Pioneer Game Changer—Sunset Orange

Dr. Sole Pioneer Game Changer in Sunset Orange: $486

We somehow managed to miss this one last week and boy are we sheepish about it. The latest in Taiwanese super-solemaker Dr. Sole’s house-made boot brand, the new Goodyear welted Game Changer takes the same hyper-simple vintage sports boot lace-to-toe pattern and has a ton of fun with the rough/smooth combo on the lively sunset orange upper leather. Of course, there’s a Dr. Sole Supergrip outsole underneath.

Withered Fig x Viberg - The 1035 N1 - Marine Field Shoe Roughout

Withered Fig x Viberg “The 1035” N-1 in Marine Field Shoe Roughout: $860

While new N-1 Models (and the ‘boondocker’ genre more generally) are usually the purview of reproductions, Withered Fig just released a trio of loosely N1-inspired that offer a break from strict re-creation. Dubbed by their lasts, “The 1035”, has a plain, unstructured toe and a fully gusseted tongue, and is attached to the Vibram 700 outsole with two rows of stitchdown stitching.

Withered Fig x Viberg - The 2040 N1 - Marine Field Shoe Roughout

Withered Fig x Viberg “The 2040” N-1 in Marine Field Shoe Roughout: $940

Deviating a little further from archetype, “The 2040” largely retains the same pattern and upper details, (though the eyelets are smaller, and there are nine rather than eight), but on a French Oak Bark Tanned leather outsole, paired with a raw cord heel (a small nod to the originals).

Withered Fig x Viberg - The 310 N1 - Marine Field Shoe Roughout

Withered Fig x Viberg “The 310” N-1 in Marine Field Shoe Roughout: $880

“The 310” is the natural roughout sheep here, with its characteristically imposing toe both structured and highlighted with a cap toe and broguing. It has seven eyelets, and 430 Vibram mini lug. Great 310 Vibergs don’t come along often; this is definitely one.

Brooklyn Clothing x Viberg - Service Boot 2030 BCT - Horween Black Teacore

Brooklyn Clothing x Viberg Service Boot 2030 BCT in Horween Black Teacore CXL: $880

Brooklyn Clothing’s 35th anniversary tear (highlighted last week) is off with a vengeance and picking up steam, with a trio of brand new Viberg collaborations. The first of the lot is a sleek 2030 BCT model, entirely blacked out except for the silver eyelets and the exposed edges of the teacore Chromexcel visible on the countercover and facings. Here the outsole and heel are Dainite…

Brookln Clothing x Viberg - Service Boot 2030 - Dark Brown Latigo Horsehide

Brooklyn Clothing x Viberg Service Boot 2030 in Shinki Dark Brown Latigo Horsehide: $950

…The Shinki latigo model has otherwise identical specs with the exception of French binding on the quarters—another take on what remains a very clean pattern.

Brooklyn Clothing x Viberg - Service Boot 2040 - Marine Field Shoe Roughout

Brooklyn Clothing x Viberg Service Boot 2040 in Marine Field Roughout: $880

Finally, we have even more Marine Field Shoe, on a chunkier 2040 lasted model with a plain cap toe, on a commando outsole and heel.

Standard & Strange x Wesco - Axe Breaker - Black Horsehide

Standard & Strange x Wesco Axe Breaker in Black Teacore Horsebutt: $775 (Made to Order)

With Wesco’s lead times now sitting at almost two years, Standard & Strange has made the call to give the axe to their exclusive Wesco styles (including the Axe Breaker) on May 1st. As they explain, “supply chain disruptions since 2020 have made it too logistically challenging to continue offering these models on a permanent basis, so we’re giving one last warning before we send…[them] to the great cobbler in the sky.” The Axe Breaker is a 7″ boot on the 1339 last (the same last used by the Hendrik) with a lowered (but not low) logger heel. Black Horsehide uppers, sourced from Horween on previous runs, now come from Maryam, with a brogued true cap toe and a rolled collar, all attached to the Vibram Westerner outsoles by 270˚ double row stitchdown.

Standard & Strange x Wesco - Day Breaker - Natural Essex Veg Tan

Standard & Strange x Wesco Day Breaker in Natural Essex Veg Tan: $750 (Made to Order)

The Day Breaker replaces the horsebutt with undyed natural Horween Essex leather, and replaces the Westerner outsole with the thicker with the thicker V-Bar. Otherwise though, think of it as the Axe Breaker’s Diurnal Cousin.

Standard & Strange x Wesco - Quick Strike Engineer - Olive Waxed Flesh

Standard & Strange x Wesco Quick Strike Engineer in Olive Waxed Flesh: $750 (Made to Order)

S&S’s engineer collaborations with Wesco typically feature a couple details, including the narrower shafts of the Mr. Lou , and extra long straps styled after vintage examples. The Quick Strike combines both details with a whole lot of Olive waxed flesh, on a Vibram 700 half sole. It’s joined by a pair of engineers in other leathers, which you can check out alongside all of the S&S Wesco models here.

Nicks Boots - Custom - Peanut Bison

Nicks Limited Run Boot in Peanut Bison: $570 (Made to Order)

Bison, shrunken or otherwise, is always relevant and quite fun, and has also been one of Nicks most popular limited-run leathers. It’s worth noting that this peanut bison, tanned by Seidel, is unshrunken, making it lighter and (relatively) less textured than common shrunken bison tannages. In terms of specs though, you can have anything you want (except a Thurman toe) in terms of shaft height, edge color, outsole, last, top style, toe structure, and plenty more.

Truman Boots - 79 Service Boot - Teton Stag

Truman Boot Co. 79 Service Boot in Cognac Teton Stag: $510 (Preorder)

Truman is taking preorders on a their 79-lasted service boot in a leather you don’t quite see every day: Teton Stag, tanned from Whitetail deer hides by Gallun Leathers. The boots are Goodyear welted, with a 6″ shaft height, but available with your choice of a plain or cap toe and on commando, Eugene (black or regrind), or Vibram Christy outsoles.

Truman Boots - 79 Service Boot - Brown Waxed Flesh

Truman Boot Co. 79 Service Boot in Brown Waxed Flesh: $500

On the in stock front, they’ve followed up last week’s Black waxed flesh preorder with a ready-to-wear cap toe boot on the 79 last in Brown waxed flesh, offered with a contrast tongue and 270˚ flat welt on a Eugene regrind outsole.

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