This week’s roundup is somewhat about delayed gratification. LOTS of pre-orders open now from Grant Stone, Alden, and Wesco, plus some ready-to-ship options from Viberg and Truman that could be perfect for the prize-laden Patina Thunderdome starting Oct 1, and one last chance at the first-ever Stitchdown x White’s lace-to-toe collab employing two different but equally fantastic Maryam horsebutt leathers.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

The Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome: 1 Pair of Boots. 7 Months of Wear. Almost $15,000 in Prizes (Mostly Boots). Signups Are NOW OPEN! Click Here!

Viberg Service Boot in Muschio Horsebutt TPR: $750

TPR stands for thermoplastic resin, which is the unique attribute of this week’s Viberg service boot drop. Made on the 1035 last, these boots feature a leather coated in TPR that will help to preserve and enhance its luster. It might not have rolls like shell cordovan, but it should shine like it is.

viberg halkett brown horsebutt

Viberg Halkett Boot in Brown Horsebutt: $790

After their introduction last year, Viberg is bringing it hard for fall with their Halkett—a somewhat dressier but still way versatile version of their derby boot—dropping six styles with different leathers in total. The Goodyear welt construction is for real: channeled insoles, an impressively clean 270-degree flat welt, the whole deal. These guys, which mix unbreakable horsebutt from Italian tannery Comipel with a dark-stained midsole, are some of our favorites, along with…viberg Halkett Olive Green Calf Suede

Viberg Halkett Boot in Olive Green Calf Suede: $790

…these fellas in olive green calf suede from suedemasters C.F. Stead.

whites x stitchdown 350 cutter oxford maryam horsebutt

Stitchdown x White’s Boots 350 Cutter in Natural Horsebutt and LTT Oxford in Reverse Waxed Horsebutt: $665 (each!) (pre-order)

Pre-orders are open only through this coming Tuesday for our first limited-release lace-to-toe collab with Spokane’s own million-year-old White’s Boots. Ben told me to write “Tell them these things are good. Like REALLY good.” So there you have it. And Stitchdown Premium community members get 10% off!

Division Road Viberg Rowdy chelsea boot

Division Road x Viberg Rowdy Dachshund Chelsea Boot: $745

The possibly best/most confusing leather name ever (although, is it named after…this skateboarding dog? Must be.) is really making an impact on Viberg makeups throughout the market, and it should be—the stuff ages insanely interestingly. This week now-settled-in-Virginia Division Road has got them in these Ridgeway-soled Chelseas…

Division Road Viberg Rowdy 310 service boot

Division Road x Viberg Rowdy Dachshund 310 Service Boot: $725

As well as a plain-toe 310 chonk attack. Both EXCELLENT Thunderdome choices, these.

Alden x Ealdwine “Sedona” Indy Boot: $640 (Pre-Order)

Hope you like tobacco chamois! There’s a lot this week. Here we have Ealdwine’s Trubalance-lasted Indy with a 360 reverse welt, commando soles, and berry gold mocc stitching.

Alden x LaRossa “Beast” Indy Boot: $635

But hey, if you need a winter-ready Indy right now, check out these monsters from Boston-area’s LaRossa built on Alden’s all-terrain lug soles. Also made on the Trubalance last.

Alden x Leffot Longwing in Tobacco Chamois: $640 (Pre-Order)

This hearty pair mashes up the dressy, versatile longwing pattern with some tough tobacco chamois leather and rough-weather-ready commando soles. Built on the Barrie last.

Alden x Leffot “Greenwich” Wingtip Boot: $645 (Pre-Order)

A Leffot staple returning for another round of pre-orders, these Barrie-lasted wingtip boots feature reverse tobacco chamois leather and commando soles.

Grant Stone Diesel Boot in Tan Suede: $295 (Pre-Order)

Grant Stone is tripling down on C.F. Stead tan suede this week with three new pre-orders. There are these trusty Diesels on Grant Stone’s rubber microstud outsoles…

Grant Stone Edward Boot in Tan Suede: $295 (Pre-Order)

…the handsome Edwards on some natural crepe rubber…

Grant Stone Tassel Loafer in Tan Suede: $260 (Pre-Order)

…and these sophisticated tassel loafers on classic leather soles.

Wesco x Black Bear Brand “Roughrider” Boss: $725 (Pre-Order)

Elevated Americana shop Black Bear Brand is once again opening up pre-orders for a wide variety of collaborations with Wesco. Just to highlight a few, we’ll start with these roughout horsehide Boss engineers with burly Vibram 100F (fire-resistant) lug soles.

Wesco x Black Bear Brand “Roughrider” Jobmaster: $665 (Pre-Order)

Also check out these lace-to-toe Jobmasters, ditto the roughout horsehide and heavy-duty Vibram soles.

Wesco x Black Bear Brand “CEO” Warren: $1574 (Pre-Order)

Finally, a very special pair of Warrens, unique if only for the fact that Wesco seldom makes its boots with Horween Shell Cordovan. Built at a six-inch height with black shell and Vibram 705 half-soles, these things should age beautifully. Check out the rest of Black Bear’s special Wesco makeups here.

Truman Boot Co. Upland Moc Toe in Bay Double Shot: $480

Built on the 20 last with Vibram 100 soles, this Seidel Double Shot leather should be ready to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

Truman Boot Co. Moc Toe Boot in Cattail Grizzly Roughout: $480

If wedge soles are more your thing, check out these other tallboy moc toes in burly Cattail Grizzly roughout with Vibram Christy soles. Also made on the 20 last.

Oak Street Bootmakers: 15% Off Sitewide

Labor Day is just around the corner, and OSB is celebrating by knocking 15% off the price of their entire stock! Whether you’re in the market for Trench Oxfords, Slip Mocs, or Lakeshore Boots, you can get ‘em all at a nice discount. Accessories and care products too!