Adam Goldberg has quite legitimately always been one of my favorite actors—and from Dazed & Confused, to the Fargo TV show, to A Beautiful Mind, he has always been EXCELLENTLY attired, right down to his boots.

But he doesn’t just play a person who cares about boots on TV and in movies! Adam is a very real-deal obsessive who’s neck deep in Clinch, Zerrow’s, and quite possibly too much more.

Adam Goldberg—Actor Who Loves Boots Too Much—Stitchdown ShoecastJames Dean Roper Boots

In an episode that will surely open the floodgates to most-to-all of Hollywood coming on the Shoecast to confess their footwear compulsions, Adam and I discuss boots he wore in different roles (usually self-selected!), sings a lovely rendition of “Working My Way Back to Ropers”, tells the near-death tale of his decades-long quest to get James Dean’s boots reproduced, and announces the “only”(ha!) pair of boots he wants, all while we attempt to figure out what the hell is wrong with us for loving this stuff so much.

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This episode was sponsored by Nicks Boots—who turns 60 this year!

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