In one of our favorite—and certainly the most sprawling—Shoecast episodes ever, I chatted with Elizabeth Semmelhack, director and curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada. Which I believe is safe to say—thanks to more than 15,000 shoes, boots, and related artifacts covering 4,500 years of human history—is the world’s preeminent dedicated shoe archive and museum.

elizabeth semmelhack—director and curator—bata shoe museum toronto

We follow Bata’s mission of telling the history of humanity through shoes, starting with  how and where shoes even emerged, then covering everything from King Tut’s gold sandals, to how high heels were originally designed for THE MOST RUGGED OF MEN, to why sizing is such a mess from a historical perspective, and how the world’s most momentous wars have been won and lost because of…boots.

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This episode was sponsored by Nicks Boots, which should last about 4,500 years themselves

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