You know, when you have a history of publicly claiming to not be a black-boot lover and then you have a podcast co-host who can even more publicly prove that you are a black-boot lover…well, you need to make a Shoecast out of it I suppose.

On yet another Shoebag episode, Ticho and I tear open the digital sack of reader questions to explore the deeper meaning of black boots, the best process to break in a new pair, how to get the optimum roll situation on your shell cordovan and horsebutt boots, when does footwear truly become art, my obsession with the chonk majesty of Viberg’s 110 last, and a hugely important question: what to do with welted leather footwear that there isn’t a resale market for.

And then, naturally, we revel in the wonders of South Carolina style BBQ, homemade popcorn, and peanut butter-covered peanut butter bites.

Give it a listen below!

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This episode was sponsored by Division Road, whose new Virginia boot-heaven compound on 45 acres of farmland officially opens August 25th

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