Back when Lorena Agolli was getting started in the trade, an aging cobbler grabbed her forearm, frowned, and dismissively said, “you’re not strong enough.” Well that was the wrong read on every level—almost a decade later, Lorena is currently entering a new era as the proprietor of Toronto shoe repair shop Sole Survivor.

lorena agolli—sole survivor cobbler shop toronto lorena agolli—sole survivor cobbler shop toronto

After scaling up the Sole Survivor business to multiple storefronts and largely training both locations’ staff from scratch, Lorena has intentionally dialed things back to allow her and her team to focus on the types of repair jobs they’re legitimately excited about. This episode, Lorena and Ben chat about how to listen to what an old machine is telling you, the conundrum of the next generation of cobbling talent, why the old ones are so darn grumpy, and the joy (ha!) of doing a single task for 8 hours straight every day.

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This episode was sponsored by Taft, whose new line of stitchdown construction boots is, believe it or not, right up our alley.

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