Five years ago, Jason Pecarich took his extensive experience in the menswear industry and opened Division Road Inc. in Seattle: a collaboration-driven menswear shop headlined by boot and shoe makeups from Tricker’s, White’s, Wesco, and what would quickly become hands-down the deepest Viberg lineup anywhere in the world.

So how’d he he do it? We get into Jason’s uniquely in-depth footwear design outlook that leans heavily on long-term function and comfort in addition to style, what the extended process to truly develop multiple exclusive models—most notably the Shelby boot series—with Viberg looked like, if we’ll see more Shelbies in the future, and what he thinks the future of physical retail looks like in general and for Division Road, Oh and Katz’s pastrami sandwiches and how I somehow haven’t seen When Harry Met Sally.  

It’s a fantastic look at the footwear and retail industries, colored by an endlessly deep perspective. Give it a listen below!

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