Along with his brother Matt (the one with the mustache), Andrew Brodrick is half of Freenote Cloth, the near-decade-old denim-‘n’-more brand (yes they sell boots!) that’s committed to manufacturing its entire widening range of menswear in a small radius in and around Los Angeles.

Andrew came on the Shoecast to lay out his philosophy on which cuts of denim should go with which boots (be warned: he’s gonna push you towards the wider stuff); how maddeningly hard—but also extremely rewarding!—it can be to make heritage goods in the USA; where vintage reproduction menswear draws its inspiration; why he wears the same boots every single day; and, naturally, the best way to surf on the job.

But without a doubt the most important part of this episode is Andrew’s advice on how to break in a pair of raw denim, which includes a panel van, an airport parking garage, a giant pile of insurance money, and a near mass-kidnapping. We couldn’t think of a better way to end Season 5 of the Shoecast.

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