All-time Shoecast champion guest Ron Rider—Rider Boot founder, person who may just know more about shoe sizing than literally anyone else in the world, and just all around unfathomably charming man—is back on the Shoecast.

This time, Ron lays out his Seven Damning Shoe Sizing Mistakes—from not focusing on heel-to-ball fit nearly enough, to assuming boots and shoes will stretch WAY more than they actually will—that we all, really, really, really need to stop making (Ticho and I included).

But the sheer amount of sizing philosophy and hard, actionable info we get at outside those mistakes—including how to tell how if your shoes are mis-sized just by looking at them—is enough to fill up a 14 FFFF boot from our wonderful sponsor this week, Nicks Handmade Boots (that’s a real size they offer!).

Don’t you DARE pick up a new pair before listening to this one…

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