Back in 1989, Tony Wyatt and his brother Ricky founded Wyatt & Dad Cobbler Company (and even trained their retired-preacher dad to do shoe repair work, so no it’s not just a clever name). Thirty five years later, the operation has seen endless swings in the cobbling industry, weathering them as well as any operation out there.

Wyatt & Dad Cobbler Company

The goal was always to build a chain that could deliver essential shoe repair services to communities in North Carolina big and small, and that’s exactly what happened—with expansion and contraction following the whims of customers. Today, Wyatt & Dad has two shops…plus, obviously, a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where Tobias Crislip does incredibly high-end repair, restoration, and customization work that’s mailed in from all over the globe.

Tony Wyatt & Tobias Crislip—Wyatt & Dad Cobblers

On the latest Shoecast episode, I chatted with Tony and Tobias about how it all started for each of them and how they’ve smartly identified shifting opportunities over the decades, old TV commercials and billboards…about cobblers…why every cobbler is seemingly required to have a thriving YouTube channel, where the trade is going and how to keep it alive and humming in a very real way in 2024 and beyond, and plenty more.

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