In case you missed it, we just revealed the top ten pairs of the inaugural Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome. Congratulations again to our top contestants! Also: Pre-registration for Thunderdome Two is now available. Time to pick out your next pair! Could you find it below? Perhaps! Read on to check out the latest from Viberg, John Lofgren, Alden, and more!

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

viberg 310 service boot oak chromepak copy

Viberg 310 Service Boot in Oak Chromepak: $785

The Viberg Service Boot of the week is the sprung-as-hell 310 variant in Horween’s Oak Chromepak leather. These boots are made with a stitchdown construction and Dainite studded soles.

viberg sneaker light tobacco calf suede

Viberg Sneaker in Light Tobacco Calf Suede: $605

That’s right, sneaks are back at Viberg for SS22. The Viberg sneaker is styled after 1980s trainers, but built to a similar quality as Viberg’s boots, thanks to their proprietary Modified Channeled Insole Goodyear construction. Once again, these sneakers are made on the 1003 last, and feature Vibram’s chunky Sphike soles, in this excellent C.F. Stead Janus calf suede in Light Tobacco…

viberg sneaker natural chromexcel

Viberg Sneaker in Natural Chromexcel: $575

…as well as Horween Natural Chromexcel, which looks great!

viberg sneaker mole calf suede

Viberg Sneaker in Mole Calf Suede: $605

For those who are looking for sneakers with a lower-profile sole, there’s also a few Viberg models on Vibram’s Fuga sole. Three different options here, in some more of this season’s featured C.F. Stead leathers: Mole Janus Calf Suede…

viberg sneaker clove eco veg

Viberg Sneaker in Clove Eco Veg: $575

…spicy Clove Eco Veg…

viberg sneaker rock eco veg

Viberg Sneaker in Rock Eco Veg: $575

…and earthy Rock Eco Veg.

john lofgren donkey puncher ezo bear

John Lofgren Donkey Puncher in Hokkaido Ezo Bear Hide: $1950 (Pre-Order)

Hoooo boy. The John Lofgren custom made-to-order event at Standard & Strange is about to expire, and just when you were likely feeling pretty satisfied with the MTO you had purchased or had your eye on, John Lofgren went and dropped a metric TON of heat for pre-order at S&S. There’s a few core makeups available that you’ve likely seen before, but a whole lotta new, exciting stuff.

Let’s start by taking a look at the boots that will likely garner the most buzz: Donkey Punchers in…bear hide?! Yes, it’s true! The leather on this lace-to-toe boot has been ethically sourced from Ezo bears in Hokkaido, Japan that have died from natural causes. Exceedingly unique stuff, and you’re not likely to see much of it ever, so consider taking the plunge if you’ve got the funds.

john lofgren combat boots natural chromexcel roughout

John Lofgren Combat Boot in Natural Chromexcel Roughout: $890 (Pre-Order)

Apparently this is the first time we’re seeing the Combat Boot in this classic Horween leather. The Combat Boot is built on Lofgren’s 120 last, and features a brogued cap toe, 360 storm welt, and Vibram V-bar soles.

john lofgren engineer black burgundy shinki horsebutt

John Lofgren Engineer in Black and Burgundy Shinki Horsebutt: $1250 (Pre-Order)

A John Lofgren classic, the Engineer is built to a 12 inch height on the 110 last, and for this limited-edition offering you can get a pair in two-tone horsebutt from Japan’s Shinki Hikaku. It features a 270 flat welt and Vibram 705 half soles.

john lofgren m-43 boot black shinki horsebutt

John Lofgren M-43 Boot in Black Shinki Horsebutt: $1020 (Pre-Order)

The M-43 also gets the limited-edition treatment with some black Shinki horsebutt. This Munson-lasted boot includes a 360 storm welt and Vibram 705 half soles.

john lofgren duke roper timber shinki horsebutt

John Lofgren Duke Roper in Timber Shinki Horsebutt: $1050 (Pre-Order)

There’s a couple of brand-new Lofgren patterns to check out as well! First, the Duke. These 12 inch roper boots are made in a brownish-red shade of Shinki Horsebutt on the 170 last, and include a 270 storm welt and Vibram 269 Western soles.

john lofgren ludlow boot black shinki horsebutt

John Lofgren Ludlow Boot in Black Shinki Horsebutt: $960 (Pre-Order)

The new Ludlow Boot is similar to the Combat Boot, and is also built on the 120 last, but leaves behind the brogue cap toe for a sleeker look. It features a 270 flat welt and Vibram 430 soles, and comes in Black Shinki Horsebutt…

john lofgren ludlow boot timber shinki horsebutt

John Lofgren Ludlow Boot in Timber Shinki Horsebutt: $960 (Pre-Order)

…as well as Timber.

alden madison 2-2 boot

Alden Madison “2/2” Boot: $300 Deposit (Final Price TBA)

Coming to ya in tan suede on the Barrie last, these cap toe boots get their moniker from the double rows of stitching on the toe cap as well as the heel. This boot features a 360 pre-stitched reverse welt and single oiled leather soles.

nicks boots wickett and craig double stuffed natural harness

Nicks Boots Natural Double Stuffed Harness MTO: $669+

This exclusive Wickett & Craig leather takes an extra trip in the tannery’s stuffing drums to become even more impregnated with waxes, oils, and tallows. Read more about these limited-edition boots here.

alden brick mortar cassill slip on black regina grain

Alden x Brick + Mortar “Cassill” Slip-On Loafer in Black Regina Grain: $615

These dark beauties came made on the Plaza last, with a 360 flat welt and single Waterloc soles rounding things out.

alden brick mortar dover coffee nubuck

Alden x Brick + Mortar Dover in Coffee Nubuck: $625

Also in stock at Brick + Mortar this week, some Dover derbies built on the Barrie last in creamy coffee nubuck. These feature a 360 pre-stitched reverse welt with red microcell soles.