Alden Indy boots are, in the estimation of this particular shoe publication, an essential part of any complete quality footwear collection (read the review of mine right here).

And this October, for Indy Boot Month, Alden Madison in Manhattan is giving anyone who buys a pair a wondrous bevy of extra stuff, including free Alden cedar shoe trees, some Pantherella boot socks, entry into a raffle with denim, belts, wallets, an authentic Indiana Jones leather jacket, and perhaps (definitely?) most importantly, three free months of a Stitchdown Premium subscription.

So what’s Stitchdown Premium? Well there’s more info here, but it’s a unique and honestly wonderful (ask anyone!) community of quality footwear lovers that offers ongoing discounts on top shoe- and bootmakers, exclusive access to special releases and collaborations, frequent giveaways, and the best shoe Discord chat on the entire Internet.

Once you activate your free trial—you do have to put in your credit card to get it going, but if you want to get out (doubtful!) you can avoid any charges simply by cancelling it before 90 days is up—I definitely recommend you hop into that Discord to check things out. You’ll be getting a separate email about how to do it.

So that’s it! And pre-congrats on your new Indy boots!

Alden Indy Snuff Suede

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