For the first time in ages (okay more like a year or so), Viberg has added a new chukka boot to its roster. No, it isn’t more of the oft-maligned, perhaps-misunderstood Bernhard. Instead, there’s a new boot on the block: the Uplands Boot.

viberg uplands boot chestnut calf suede


According to Viberg, this plain-toed, three-eyelet chukka has been in development since 2019. While Viberg’s original chukka is definitely more casual, and the Bernhard a bit more rugged (and unique!), this new Viberg chukka comes with a more refined sensibility.

The blind eyelets and French binding contribute to that refinement, to be sure, and Viberg has equipped each pair with leather soles and dovetail heels, the pattern itself is significantly more elegant than the classic Viberg chukka. The biggest differences are shorter, less severe, more rounded quarters that create a slightly longer run-out for the vamp, and a slight tilt-forward to the collar area. Put it all together and it’s absolutely representative of a more sophisticated, graceful version of Viberg that the brand is pushing at least part of its line towards. 

The Upland boots are Goodyear storm welted upon what Viberg recently coined the Viberg Chassis: a thick 5.2-5.5mm insole, in which a channel is carved out to create a holdfast, which is then directly connected to the uppers and the welt. This construction method, as opposed to using a canvas rib that is glued on the insole, is arguably a durable and almost-entirely failproof approach to welted footwear.

viberg uplands boot midsole detail

The Uplands Boot is made on the 2030 last, in three styles of leather from C.F. Stead meant to evoke the classic desert boot—Light Tobacco Calf Suede ($775), Chestnut Calf Suede ($775), and Noix Eco Grain ($735)—and gosh, they’re already selling out quickly! Between the Uplands Boot and their new Rockland Blucher, it’s good to see Viberg’s new offerings being so well-received as they continue to experiment and evolve.

viberg uplands boot noix eco grain


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