From the mind of legit-genius designer Yuki Matsuda, Yuketen consistently puts out some of the most unique, eye-catching, crazy-in-a-good-way handsewn moccasin construction shoes and boots you’ll ever see. (You may recall that we’ve gushed about them before.) But they way they’re built is incredibly real as well—Yuketen is that rare brand that is most definitely fashion (if you want it to be), but also doesn’t give an inch in terms of construction, materials, and craft.

The influences on their wide-ranging style catalog are numerous, mixing and matching references from Maine, Scotland, Mexico, and beyond. Recently Yuketen unveiled their lineup for Spring/Summer 2022, and if you’re wondering whether they managed to outdo themselves again, well…of course they did.

We took it upon ourselves to comb through Yuketen’s latest collection to highlight some of the absolute doozies they’ve come up with this time around. Some models are ready to wear; others are MTO/pre-orders; others still are not quite ready for release, but will be soon. Check ’em all out below…


yuketen maine guide ox db cp brown g brown

Maine Guide Ox DB in CP Brown/G Brown: $794

These twin-tone mocs are some serious chonkmeisters, and feature a whole lotta pinking throughout. Grab a pair now from Danish retailer Hansen Garments.

yuketen alejandro natural

Alejandro in Natural: $253

These huarache-inspired slip-ons are made with hand-cut, hand-woven veg tan leather that should see a lot of patina from repeated wear. Rather than going the traditional huarache route using something like recycled tires for soles, the Alejandro sports a Vibram 2060 cavity wedge, giving it a slightly workwear vibe.

yuketen sal 1 blue bandana suede

Sal 1 in Blue Bandana Suede: $495

This bandana-print suede from Conceria Opera injects a bit of playfulness into these clogs. With a high-arched leather footbed working in tandem with a combination of crepe and woven jute, these shoes should be ultra-comfy and supportive.

yuketen land jordan 1st lo black

Land Jordan 1st Lo in Black: $1023

The latest iteration in Yuketen’s homage to the 90s-era basketball shoe, these low-cut sneakers juxtapose meticulously-constructed cowhide panels with a Goodyear welt construction atop a thick layer of leather midsole and black Vibram wedge soles.

yuketen native slip on g brown

Native Slip-On in G Brown: $560

Now available at German retailer Mytheresa, these moccasin loafers feature a sturdy natural veg tan midsole and brown Vibram 2060 cavity wedges.


yuketen angler moc grizzly buckaroo

Angler Moc in Grizzly Buckaroo: $605

With a moccasin construction accented by distinct hex eyelets, the Angler Moc is a nod to the outdoorsman’s footwear of 1950s/60s New England, and pairs quite well with this pebbled Horween leather.

yuketen blucher kiltie camp sole black chromexcel

Blucher with Kiltie and Camp Sole: $418

This blucher moc, seen here in black CXL (ahem: teacore), comes complete with a lace-in kiltie and Yuketen’s proprietary rubber/cork chip camp soles.

yuketen blucher rocker with kiltie

Blucher Rocker with Kiltie: $616

The beautiful moccasin construction and pinking around the collar of these blucher mocs are complemented by the Yuketen-exclusive Rocker sole, a Vibram EVA product inspired by orthopedic soles of the past. Arguably the most iconic and Yuketen-y Yuketen shoe.

yuketen canoe moc camp sole

Canoe Moc with Camp Sole: $407

These cool, casual handsewn mocs should keep your feet stable and secure, thanks to the 360 lacing system and proprietary camp soles.


yuketen blucher kiltie camp sole natural essex

Blucher with Kiltie and Camp Sole in Natural Essex

These blucher mocs promise comfortable wear thanks to the soft, supple Essex uppers, and should age just magnificently.

yuketen ghillie moc brown chromexcel

Ghillie Moc in Brown Chromexcel

Taking cues from traditional Celtic dancing shoes, the Ghillie lacing design these ultilizes leather loops instead of eyelets. Super neato.

yuketen all handsewn sneaker moc ox

All Handsewn Sneaker Moc Ox in White Fleshout

Like a pair of Common Projects that just got back from a trip to Maine, these handsewn sneakers feature fleshout (roughout) leather from Conceria Opera and Vibram 2021 wedges.

yuketen antler moc

Antler Moc


yuketen antler moc silver concho

Antler Moc with Silver Concho



Check out the rest of Yuketen’s excellent seasonal collection here.