Big, frightening questions abound in this world of ours. Does free will exist? What happens after we die? Someone just came over; what the hell is my wifi password again??

But then there is perhaps the most important and anxiety-inducing question of them all: if you were forced to choose only five pairs of boots and shoes for the rest of our life, and had to give away everything else…what would those five be?

Because we are masochists, Ticho and I decided to subject ourselves to this horrific—but enlightening!—thought experiment on the most recent Shoecast episode. It was NOT easy. We lost sleep. And we were both sickened by how similarly we thought about building a tight collection. But we did it, and I believe did pretty darn well, and ended up with almost zero overlap.

So give it a listen below! And if you feel like driving yourself insane, In strongly recommend you try it too. If you’re on Instagram, post them and tag #myonlyfivepairs, @tichoblancoshoes, and @stitchdown— we’ll be reposting plenty.

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This episode was sponsored by those rasacal-bandits at Standard & Strange—we wholeheartedly suggest you check out their lineup of Vibergs, Wescos, John Lofgrens, Clinch boots, and plenty more

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