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This page will host all collabs, discounts, giveaways, and other Stitchdown Premium benefits, and also what we’ve done in the past, to give you a sense of what’s coming down the road. So, bookmark it! (Do people still do that?)

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“Lifetime” Discounts

grant stone ottawa boot dune chromexcel


Already one of the best values in quality footwear, period, Grant Stone has teamed up with SDP to offer members 10% off everything other than their Final Sale section (yes, including shell cordovan and other limited releases) for the next year—and most likely well beyond that.


Sagara Cordmaster


Indonesia is a treasure trove of exceptional bootmaking at an incredible price—and Sagara has been one of the country’s best for over a decade. Head Sagara-man Bagus and his crew are offering a year-long 10% off any of their infinitely custom models to SDP subscribers, including their Cordmasters above, maybe the best monkey boot pattern in the game.


Ongoing discounts on more makers coming soon!


Exclusive Collaborations

Black Shell Cordovan "Stitchup" Boot


The 2-2 stitching on the heel counter and cap toe is the defining feature of this Barrie-last boot—outside of the brass eyelets screaming forth from the black shell cordovan, of course. Commando sole, 360 prestitch reverse welt. These have been so popular that we’ve already done two runs; if you want in on a third, email or DM me!

Parkhurst x Stitchdown Nighthawk Kudu boot


This one was incredibly popular, surely partially because of Parkhurt’s fantastically clean Allen pattern and also a $50 discount for SDP members. It sold out in a flash, but Andrew from Parkhurst and I are looking to do another run soon—stay tuned!

Stitchdown x Mark Albert Boots Roadmaster DerbySTITCHDOWN x MARK ALBERT BOOTS “ROADMASTER” DERBY SHOE

Mark and I worked for a VERY long time to figure this one out. The Roadmaster name comes dervies from the leather, Horween’s beloved Chromexcel in a shade you rarely see: Havana Brown.

I’ve long been obsessed with the old American cars in Cuba (specifically Havana), and the Buick Roadmaster is amongst the most ubiquitous. The Roadmaster name also says a lot about what this shoe is capable of—especially thanks to its Vibram 430 mini-lug sole, which can handle whatever the road (or sidewalk, or trail, or office floor) throws at you. The edges, like seemingly every car in Havana, are heavily antiqued and burnished. And the gold eyelets provide provide some real pop.

Put it all together and you’ve got one extremely wearable, versatile, Goodyear welted, made in the USA shoe that’s built like a boot.

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Past Giveaways

Helm Boots at Modern Anthology in Brooklyn


The Austin company makes a nice tidy range of boots and shoes that are classic while still having a flair unique to them. Everything is made with Blake Rapid construction, and the patterns range from chukkas, to six-inch laceups, to some really nice simple side-zips. And a good portion of their line is made in the USA.

White's Boots MP


White’s Boots are monsters in the best way possible. Made in Spokane since 1915, most are are hand-lasted and hand-welted, employ crazily thick leather heel counters and shanks, and feature, on many of their boots, White’s famed Arch-Ease arch—it’s substantial, and honesty feels a BIT different at first, but once you get used to it, it’s wildly supportive and honestly really fun (in a very shoe-nerdy way).

While White’s Smokejumpers and their spawn the 350s are born from their trademark wildland firefighting boots, their Semi-Dress boots are one of the icons of boots, period, and their Town line, including their Main Street boots, is definitely a bit more refined.

Grant Stone GIveaway—Ottawa Boots


Grant Stone makes very top-quality boots and shoes—and three lucky winners have already filled their closets with pairs. Stay tuned for more Grant Stone giveaways!

Mallorcan shoemaker Meermin crafts some of the best-value shoes in the entire world in a range of styles swinging from the above oxfords to loafers, monks, and some fantastic boots. Read the Stitchdown Conversation with Meermin’s Pepe Albaladejo to learn more.

Armstrong's All Natural Shoe Care Kit


Owning great shoes and not taking care of them is a high crime. Enter Armstrong’s All Natural, a boutique operation that produces—proving there is truth in advertising—100% natural leather care products with zero petroleum-based or synthetic ingredients.

Comfy Socks


Hong Kong’s Comfy Socks has only been around since 2017, but they’ve already made a huge impact with people who demand comfort and flair in a nice, tidy package.

Sperry Handcrafted in Maine Ranger Mocs


Sperry has been making boat shoes since 1935, when Paul Sperry quite literally invented them. When I talked with Sperry about this partnership, I insisted on offering their silly-comfortable, top-of-the-line Gold Cup Handcrafted in Maine collection for the giveaway—and the good people at Sperry said they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beckett Simonon Durant


Beckett Simonon makes some of the best high-quality affordable shoes of any brand—which become even better, and even more affordable, when they’re free.

Boardroom Socks

Owned and run by a family that’s been in the textile game since 1837, Boardroom crafts some deeply excellent merino wool and pima cotton socks in traditional mid-calf heights. But their signature model is actually an over-the-calf sock, which hikes up like a soccer sock to ensure you don’t fall victim to Saggy Sock Syndrome when the timing is worst. Also, they’re far more comfortable than you might imagine—I have a few pairs and and I legitimately love how my legs felt sheathed all day.

Comfy Socks


Hong Kong’s Comfy Socks has only been around since 2017, but they’ve already made a huge impact with people who demand comfort and flair in a nice, tidy package. And what better way to try them out than at a 30% discount? It’s coming up soon.

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