With a new focus on machine-stitched stitchdown models over at White’s Boots, the storied Spokane, WA-based bootmaker is aiming to keep their off-the-shelf models fully stocked (or quickly replenished) thanks to the more-straightforward nature of the stitchdown construction.

To help with that, White’s has vowed to begin rolling out more brand-new stock models, and they’re already following through on that promise with the release of the C355 Logger.

whites boots c355 logger

As opposed to the six-inch height of the classic Cutter or Cruiser boots, the C355 Logger clocks in at seven inches tall—a height we’re definitely in favor of when it comes to White’s. Notably, it’s the first time White’s has made a stock model available at this stature. Like the Cutter and Cruiser, the Logger is crafted on White’s classic 55 Arch-Ease last, which is chock-full of arch support.

whites boots c355 logger

The Logger is debuting in Seidel’s pull-up-heavy Double Shot leather, with black, natural, brown, and British Tan available. Each boot is built with a double-row stitchdown construction, and bottomed with a full Vibram 100 lug sole (with screws installed for an extra-secure attachment, like in their Smokejumper boots) along with an expertly shaped logger heel. 

With a burly-but-casual silhouette, overbuilt construction, and ~$600 price point, the White’s Logger seems primed to compete with other well-established PNW boots like the Nicks Urban Logger. With the taller 7-inch height, these distinctive Double Shot leathers, and ample ready-to-ship stock, the C355 Logger is definitely notable right out of the gate. 

whites boots c355 logger

While the Logger will normally be priced at $595, it’s debuting as part of White’s Semi-Annual Sale, with a 10% discount knocking it instantly down to around $535—really kind of a great deal. Lots more discounts to be had at the sale as well, including 10% off the new C350 Cutters and Cruisers, 20% off all MP Boot styles, and up to 40% off closeout models. Check it all out right here.

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