Big milestone here for Taiwanese sole brand/cobbler/shoemaker Dr. Sole: for the first time ever, footwear from their in-house Pioneer label is available at a North American retailer.

Virginia-based shop (and Patina Thunderdome sponsor!) Withered Fig is celebrating their five-year anniversary the right way by bringing in an exclusive version of the Dr. Sole’s Game Changer lace-to-toe boot.

For those who may have missed when these first came out, the Game Changer is directly inspired by athletic footwear from the 1920s and features a canvas-lined nubuck upper with a baker’s dozen eyelets. These Goodyear welted boots are bottomed with a pair of Dr. Sole Supergrips; the Withered Fig edition features the always-excellent jade-colored version of the soles.

dr sole pioneer game changer withered fig

Withered Fig notes that this is only the beginning of their partnership with Dr. Sole, and we can expect to see more from this duo soon, especially where soles are involved (of course). For now, these exclusive Game Changers are available in limited quantities for $480 per pair.

dr sole pioneer game changer withered fig

Be sure to also check out Withered Fig’s wide-ranging interview with Dr. Sole founder Chao-Yung Lin, where they discuss some odd resole jobs, the Dr. Sole “Sole-show Club,” must-visit clothing shops in Taiwan, and much more. (It’s a great companion to our own twopart conversation with Lin.)

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