While the store shelves may have changed over from Halloween candy to Christmas decorations before it was even midnight on October 31st, it’s still perennially Shoes ‘n’ Boots season here at Stitchdown.

This week’s roundup features an avalanche of Aldens, a nifty pair of Rancourt mocs, some new moc-ness from Nicks Boots, and more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Division Road x Viberg black shinki horsebutt boondockerDivision Road x Viberg black shinki horsebutt boondocker

Division Road x Viberg Black Shinki Horsebutt Service Boots: $895 (available 11/5 at 11am ET)

Pit-tanned, hand-oiled natural-core jet black horsebutt from Japan’s Shinki Hikaku tannery. Partially structured 2055 last. Commando sole. Bellows tongue! Very darned handsome and capable all-around boot right here.

John Lofgren Engineer Boots - Burnt Burgundy Ezo Deerskin

John Lofgren x Standard & Strange Engineer Boot in Burnt Burgundy Ezo Deerskin: $1300

The first of a trio of quite limited indeed Lofgren-gineers requires a unique double-deerskin setup because the leather is SO DAMN SOFT. A truly broken in pair of engineers somehow manages to become basically a pair of really tall slippers; these would be the slippers that those slippers would wear. Tons of natural variation to be expected here.

John Lofgren Engineer Boots - Badalassi Grigio

John Lofgren x Standard & Strange Engineer Boot in Badalassi Grigio Minerva: $1250

The color+veg-tan combo on these is just ready to eat patina. Vibram 705 sole, as with all of these three Lofgrens.

John Lofgren Engineer Boots - Badalassi Cognac

John Lofgren x Standard & Strange Engineer Boot in Badalassi Cognac Minerva: $1250

One of the Italian veg-tanner’s most rightly famed leathers, this stuff is also ready to feast, and while not as supple as the Ezo deerskin, it should provide a darned comfy ride fairly quickly.

Viberg Pachena Bay in Autumn Spice Shrunken Kudu: $750

Viberg’s latest reveal this week is a two-fer of the Pachena Bay padded collar hiking boots, both built on the 9220 last with Goodyear commando soles, and a layer of Thinsulate to keep your toes from falling off in the chilly weather. You’ve got two striking options here, either this Autumn Spice Shrunken Kudu from C.F. Stead…

Viberg Pachena Bay in Rowdy Dachshund: $750

…or Horween’s Rowdy Dachshund. Both great choices.

nicks boots moc toe

Nicks Boots Moc Toe MTO: $525+

After some teasing, Nicks has finally unveiled their moc toe pattern, and it’s looking quite nice. In true Nicks fashion, they’re heralding its release by offering it in a variety of custom MTO makeups. Finally I can get that 10 inch moc toe, dogger-heeled, honey Vibram’d, Tan Natural work boot I’ve been craving.

Alden x Brogue Jumper Boot: $825

Brogue has a damned monopoly on the Alden releases we’re featuring this week. There’s a ton to get through, but let’s start here with a classic jumper boot made on the Barrie last with color 8 shell, a 360 flat welt and commando soles.

Alden x Brogue “5ZP Army” Boot: $628

Exuding a military dress formality, these black calf jumper boots are built on the Trubalance last with a 270 flat welt and double Waterloc soles.

Alden x Brogue “Bonneville” Boot: $812

More military vibes here with this plain toe boot on the 379X with black shell cordovan, a 270 storm welt and double butyl leather soles.

Alden x Brogue “Tourist” Boot: $595

These plain toe Barrie-lasted boots are made with black scotch grain leather, a 360 flat welt and black cavity wedge soles. The brass hardware makes these a sight to see!

Alden x Brogue U-Tip Chukka: $630

Arabica Lux strikes again! This time the leather has found its way to Alden’s U-tip chukka, built on the 379X last with a 270 flat welt and commando soles.

Alden x Brogue “Lancer” Boot: $628

Finally from Brogue this week, these cap toe boots are made with some handsome dark brown Highland Grain calf on the still-niche-but-gaining-a-foothold Grant last, with a 360 flat welt and commando soles.

Rancourt & Co. x J. Crew Baxter Ranger-Moc in Black/Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $700

These mismatched shell cordovan mocs are quite the statement piece, and an excellent showcase of Rancourt’s handsewn prowess. (Note: they’re currently on backorder through mid-November.)

Grant Stone Chelsea in Dune Chromexcel: $320

Another strong addition to Grant Stone’s growing Chelsea portfolio, these Dune CXL boots are built on the UK last with a 360 flat welt and proprietary studded rubber soles.

Grant Stone Wedge Sole Brass Boot in Black Chromexcel: $360

Grant Stone also bolstered the ranks of its Brass Boot this week, placing their black CXL model atop a pair of wedge soles. That natural midsole really pops!

Unmarked Señor Boots in Black Bison: $440

Happy ten years, Unmarked! To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Unmarked has dolled up their Señor boot in this bold black bison leather, with a 360 storm welt, Vibram commando soles, and some popping blue rawhide laces. This boot’s probably not for everyone, but Unmarked is definitely a brand worth most people considering more generally. A decade! Congrats!

Truman Boot Co. Rosewood Horserump MTO: $590+

This beautiful veg-tanned horsebutt (from Guidi? Maybe?) is available for one of Truman’s latest MTOs. Get a pair of service boots with your own preference of last, toe, hardware, etc.

Rare Boot Alert—Viberg Engineers in Natural Chromexcel and Black Chromexcel: $800

One of our favorite denim and outwear brands Freenote Cloth got their hands on some now-seldom-seen Viberg engineer boots. These are from ages ago, and you can barely find them nowadays. There’s a random assortment of sizes remaining in black and natural CXL, go snap ‘em up!