So much good stuff in here this week. I feel like these roundups have become Alden, Viberg, and Grant Stone-heavy recently—but hey, they’re continuing to put out winners, so can you blame me? A few top-notch Wescos and a John Lobb sale round out the pack.

Get on in there. And don’t forget to check out all the previous Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week roundups—plenty of the recommendations are still available.

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grant stone diesel boot loden suede

Grant Stone Diesel Boot in Loden Suede: $295

Green is possibly the most underrated color for boots. Loden isn’t a bold green, with more brown folded in, making it the perfect starting place for the green-boot-uninitiated. The natural midsole and flat welt are straightforward but work really well here.

grant stone edward boot loden suede

Grant Stone Edward Boot in Loden Suede: $295

The Edward is the Diesel’s classier cousin: no visible heel counter, more, smaller eyelets, and facings that lace up a touch closer together. The stained midsole completes the look.

grant stone traveler penny loafer loden suede

Grant Stone Traveler Penny in Loden Suede: $275

Green shoes are cool too!

Viberg Natural Japanese Calf Slipper

Viberg x Division Road Japanese Natural Calf Slipper: $525

Miloh Shop had the original run of these slippers, but Division Road just got a shipment and they are once again simple and fantastic. DR also has a damn slick new slipper coming hopefully next week…Viberg 145 Work Oxford — Tobacco Chamois Reverse - 1035

Viberg x Standard & Strange 145 Oxford in Reverse Tobacco Chamois: $640

The biggest move on this version of Viberg’s 145—a pattern that’s seen an impressive run of different makeups the last few years—is the smaller eyelets, which in many ways totally transforms the shoe. Vibram 705 full sole, 1035 last, maybe the best for the 145 in my personal opinion. Really cool shoe.

Viberg 145 Oxford - Snuff Naked Kudu - 1035

Viberg x Standard & Strange 145 Oxford in Snuff Naked Kudu: $640

A very welcome re-run that has been stuck in my head for some time now. Of course it varies pair to pair, but I love how the kudu is a little…quieter on these, while still having that unique kudu character. Also 1035 last + Vibram 705.

Service Boot - Charcoal Chamois RO - 2045 FLAT TOE

Viberg x Standard & Strange Service Boot in Reverse Charcoal Chamois: $695

Standard & Strange put together a trio of quietly wonderful Service Boots on Viberg’s 2055 last—the unstructured-toe cousin of the Munson-y 2045—with slightly different eyelets in three shades of reverse chamois, one of the best rugged/classy leathers out there. The charcoal might be the winner.

Viberg Service Boot - Tobacco Chamois Reverse - 2055

Viberg x Standard & Strange Service Boot in Reverse Tobacco Chamois: $695

Or the Tobacco!

Viberg Service Boot - Mushroom Chamois Reverse - 2055

Viberg x Standard & Strange Service Boot in Reverse Mushroom Chamois: $695

Mushroom’s pretty good too…

Wesco Van Cleef Engineer Boot—Horween Natural Essex Veg Tan

Wesco x Standard & Strange Van Cleef Engineer in Natural Essex: $775 (Pre-Order)

Horween’s natural Essex veg-tan leather is just sitting there waiting to embrace any and all patina that’s thrown at them—check out S&S’s sale page to see a crazy transformation on these after just four months of wear. A simple, beautiful engineer.

Wesco Hendrik Day Breaker Boot—Horween Natural Essex Veg Tan

Wesco x Standard & Strange Day Breaker in Natural Essex: $750 (Pre-Order)

Essex is also here to party on this take on the S&S classic Axe-Breaker. MP1339 last, slightly lowered heel lift. Just a killer boot.

ealdwine x alden tanker

Alden x Ealdwine Oak City Tanker in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $840

The Tanker—which made the Final Four in the Shoecast’s All-Time Alden Bracket—is one of the essential Alden boots, and Ealdwine did theirs the Ealdwine way, with a double leather sole on Barrie in Color 8 shell.

alden x ealdwine davie boot

Alden x Ealdwine Davie Double-Row Cap Toe Boots in Reverse Earth Chamois: $625

More chamois! Love the pop of the natural storm welt amidst an otherwise dark makeup. 379x military last, commando.

leffot alden city blucher color 8 shell cordovan

Alden x Leffot City Blucher in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $755

We’ve featured this one before on pre-order, but there are still sizes left at Leffot. An excellent straightforward Barrie-last cap-toe derby. Single leather sole.

leffot alden city blucher snuff suede

Alden x Leffot City Blucher in Snuff Suede: $575

And I honestly might even prefer the snuff suede version over the shell.

john lobb william prune

Up to 40% off John Lobb

Übermaker Lobb doesn’t often put their shoes on discount, but here’s your chance to grab a range of styles under $1000. You won’t find TOO many of their classics in here, but the William double monks above definitely are a standout, along with the Chambord II split-toe derby.

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