Shoes ‘n Boots of the Week, baby! This week, we’re talking about a whole slew of new releases from Viberg, a special MTO from Nicks Boots, Parkhurst Allens in a brand new leather for them, a very nice little sale at Gaziano & Girling, and a few more gems.

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alden madison plain toe shell cordovan color 8

Alden Madison Plain Toe Boot in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $825 (Pre-Order)

This Barrie-lasted makeup pairs the clean, straightforward plain toe pattern with a neocork sole typically found on the Indy boot. Pre-order closes TODAY, so hop on quick.

viberg lost and found derby mushroom chamois

Viberg x Lost & Found Derby Shoe in Mushroom Chamois Roughout: ~$723

Lost & Found is all about the Derby shoe this week, bringing us three different takes on this Viberg pattern. First up, we have the always-a-favorite mushroom chamois leather built on the 1035 last on a 2060 sole.

viberg lost and found derby natural cxl roughout

Viberg x Lost & Found Derby Shoe in Natural Chromexcel Roughout: ~$723

Next up, another roughout Derby, this one in natty CXL. Also 1035 last, with a classic Vibram Christy wedge.

viberg lost and found derby shoe black waxed camel roughout

Viberg x Lost & Found Derby Shoe in Black Waxed Camel Roughout: ~$723

Finally from L&F this week, a murdered-out Derby made with waxed camel roughout. This one’s a 2030-lasted shoe with black Vibram Gloxi-Cut chonker soles.

Viberg standard strange derby shoe black waxed camel

Viberg x Standard & Strange Derby Shoe in Black Waxed Camel: $740

S&S is going with the smooth side of that same black waxed camel leather, and bringing an interesting contrast between clean derby pattern, sleek 2030 last, and beefy tan Vibram 2060 cavity wedge.

Viberg Service Boot Natural_Essex Horsebutt Horween workshoe butt

Viberg Service Boot in Natural Essex Workshoe Butt: $830 (Pre-Order)

Viberg and Horween have teamed up again to release another unique horsebutt leather, this time offering it in a natural Essex tannage. This special pair is built on the 2030 last with Dainite soles.

Viberg Service Boot Dark Rubber Essex Horsebutt Horween workshoe butt

Viberg Service Boot in Dark Rubber Dublin Workshoe Butt: $830 (Pre-Order)

Back by popular demand! If you missed the initial release of these Service Boots last month, Viberg has managed to source a bit more of this leather for a second run. Also 2030 last, also Dainite.

viberg for withered fig cigar waxed kudu chelsea boot

Viberg x Withered Fig Cigar Waxed Kudu Chelsea Boot: $790

The rarely-seen-on-Chelseas 2030 last sets these waxed kudu fellas up nicely, as does Withered Fig’s suddenly trademark cushiony Lactae Hevea outsole.

nicks boots tan oiled latigo

Nicks Boots Tan Oiled Latigo MTO: $649+

Nicks has sourced this amazing Tan Oiled Latigo leather from Wickett and Craig for this special MTO offer. A whole slew of customization is available for these boots—last, height, sole, hardware, you name it. Don’t wait around if you’re interested; Nicks is closing orders for these boots at the end of June.

parkhurst black oil slick allen

Parkhurst Allen Boot in Black Oil Slick Leather: $336

Western New York-based Parkhurst released a new last—602—and heavier-duty build a few months back, and these new Allens in Seidel leather are really emphasizing the brand’s evolution. Just a really nice matte black boot. And Stitchdown Premium community members get 10% off!

gaziano & girling x leffot rothschild shortwing oxford tan hatch grain

Gaziano & Girling x Leffot Rothschild Shortwing Oxford in Tan Hatch Grain: $1,525 (Pre-Order)

These shortwing oxfords are an incredible semi-casual pair built to withstand nasty weather (thanks to the inclusion of Ridgeway soles). Built on G&G’s slightly-squared-toe MH71 last with tan hatch grain calfskin. Pre-order closes for these shoes on June 27, but you can always order a custom pair via Leffot.

Gaziano & Girling 20% Off MTO and Ready-To-Wear Pairs

Speaking of G&G, it’s worth noting that their entire catalog of shoes is available at a 20% discount at the moment. Use code “PROMO21” at checkout.

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