To close out October, our roundup this week covers some celebratory Edward Greens from Leffot, rugged moc toes from Yuketen, eye-catching shell cordovan from Meermin, and more.

More new shoes ‘n’ boots can be found here.

[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

grant stone nora boot saddle tan

Grant Stone Nora Boot in Saddle Tan: $360

After two years of development, Grant Stone has finally released their first batch of women’s boots. The Nora is based on the men’s Diesel Boot, and is made on the new Luna last with the same top-notch leathers and components as the men’s line. Along with the Carlo Badalassi Saddle Tan leather above, the Nora is also available in Horween Chromexcel colors Black, Crimson, and Dune, as well as C.F. Stead Black Waxy Commander.

yuketen salvia boots fo snuff

Yuketen Salvia Boot in FO Snuff: $770

These padded-collar moc toe boots are made with a thick roughout leather from Conceria Opera, and feature a 360 storm welt along with Cortina commando soles. Seems like an excellent choice for the winter ahead!

unmarked red dog derby boot

Unmarked Derby Boot in Red Dog: $390

While the rainbow-colored toe bug is likely the first thing that grabs you, we’re really digging this Red Dog pull-up leather from La Señora Tannery paired with these nitrile cork Vibram 700 soles. You can find this combo in Unmarked’s Derby Boot with a 360 flat welt…

unmarked red dog derby shoe

Unmarked Derby Shoe in Red Dog: $350

…or the Derby Shoe, with a 270 flat welt.

edward green leffot silverstone iron waxed suede

Edward Green x Leffot Silverstone in Iron Waxed Suede: $1485 (Pre-Order)

Leffot’s ongoing 15th anniversary celebration continues in the form of three exclusive makeups from Edward Green, all made in this gorgeous Iron Waxed Suede. You have your choice of the Silverstone chukka, crafted on the 888 last with flat rubber soles…

edward green leffot newmarket iron waxed suede

Edward Green x Leffot Newmarket in Iron Waxed Suede: $1520 (Pre-Order)

…the Newmarket chelsea, made on EG’s newer 303 last along with some Ridgeway soles…

edward green leffot piccadilly iron waxed suede

Edward Green x Leffot Picadilly in Iron Waxed Suede: $1230 (Pre-Order)

…or the classic Picadilly penny loafer, built on the 184 last with flat rubber soles.

meermin chelsea brown museum shell cordovan

Meermin Chelsea in Brown Museum Shell Cordovan: $460

Built on the Rod last with a 360 storm welt and Meermin’s City Lug rubber soles, this chelsea boot is currently available in two flavors of Rocado shell cordovan: Brown Museum…

meermin chelsea gold museum shell cordovan

Meermin Chelsea in Gold Museum Shell Cordovan: $460

…and the red/brown-tinged Gold Museum.

truman concord horse rump

Truman Boot Co. Concord Horse Rump MTO: $420+

These boots look grape—er, great! Choose from either a six inch boot or a derby shoe, and customize to your liking with a variety of options for soles, hardware, welt, and more.

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