We know plenty of women out there already enjoy wearing shoes and boots from Grant Stone—now, they can enjoy fits and styles designed specifically for them.

After two years in the making, Grant Stone’s women’s line has just premiered with five variants of the Nora Boot, a plain toe model based on the men’s Diesel Boot. Other than swapping the Diesel’s storm welt for a flat welt, the Nora is more or less identical to its counterpart in terms of pattern. Featuring some rock-solid leathers from Horween, C.F. Stead, and Badalassi Carlo, these women’s boots are made with the exact same materials and components—full-grain leather heel counters, veg tan insoles, cork filler, steel shanks, all of it. No compromises have been made.

grant stone womens boots

Not only is the Nora Boot graded for women’s sizes, it’s also made on a new Grant Stone last, the Luna. Although the top-down comparison below looks similar, Grant Stone told us the Luna is a narrower shape than the Leo last, with more of a taper at the toe. While most people typically size the Leo at half down from their Brannock measurements, Grant Stone advises going true to size with the Luna.

grant stone nora top down

Grant Stone Women’s Nora Boot

grant stone diesel top down

Grant Stone Men’s Diesel Boot

Though the Nora is currently Grant Stone’s only women’s offering, we imagine we’ll be seeing more adaptations of their men’s styles—along with some totally original women’s designs—from them in the future.

grant stone nora boot

While welted footwear has been broadly geared towards men, it’s encouraging to see more brands in this space making high-quality shoes and boots that folks of any gender can enjoy. Elsewhere in the casual/workwear market, Red Wing Heritage Women has continued to push some snazzy styles, while Nicks Boots recently rolled out their own women’s model, the Becca, for those wanting more of a burly PNW-style build.

If you’re looking for more dressy or formal women’s welted footwear, check out this guide from our friend Jesper over at Shoegazing.

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