We’re still stuffed from stuffing over here, and this week’s release roundup is also stuffed with a ton of new shoes ‘n’ boots—the latest Paraboot exclusives from Engineered Garments and Arpenteur; a limited-edition shell cordovan makeup from Rancourt & Co.; an overwhelming number of new Division Road collaborations from Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones; and a whole lot more!

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

alden madison stitchdown indy boot

Alden Madison x Stitchdown Indy Boot in Atlantic Club: $640

It’s so exciting to see these finally come to fruition! Back in the fall of 2021, a bunch of shoe nerds descended upon New York for the first-ever Stitchdown Shoenanza. One of the things we did on the trip was put our heads together at Alden Madison to design a completely unique Indy Boot. The result: a 379x-lasted makeup crafted with deadstock Atlantic Club calfskin, complete with nine brass eyes, a 270 storm welt, and brown neocork soles. Just a couple sizes remain!

viberg halkett ivywood shell cordovan

Viberg Halkett Boot in Ivywood Shell Cordovan: $1544 (Pre-Order)

This Horween shell might read as medium-brown, but can look like anything from reddish caramel to dark brown depending on the light. It’s here for two limited-edition pre-orders from Viberg. First, the Halkett Boot on the 2030 last, with a combination of five blind eyelets and four antique brass speed hooks, finished with a 270 flat welt and leather soles.

viberg rockland blucher ivywood shell cordovan

Viberg Rockland Blucher in Ivywood Shell Cordovan: $1200 (Pre-Order)

Similar specs here on the Rockland Blucher, also crafted on the 2030 last. (Worth noting, as this is a pre-order, you can grab the Rockland or Halkett in either D, E, or EE width!)

trickers division road burford java waxed flesh

Tricker’s x Division Road Burford Boot in Java Waxed Flesh: $625

A quintet of new exclusive Tricker’s have been added to the Division Road lineup, all decked out in various Horween leathers. We’ll start here with the Burford in Java Waxed Flesh, built on the 4497S last. These rugged country boots are made with a 360 storm welt and Goodyear commando soles.

trickers division road eaton boot timber wolf dublin

Tricker’s x Division Road Eaton Boot in Timber Wolf Dublin: $625

The rarely-seen Timber Wolf Dublin can be found on this Eaton makeup. Made on the W2298 last, it features a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles.

trickers division road mocha vienna bison

Tricker’s x Division Road Monty Chukka in Mocha Vienna Bison: $625

The 4497S-lasted Monty is made in brown Horween bison leather, and bottomed with a 360 storm welt and Goodyear commando soles.

trickers division road stow black chromexcel

Tricker’s x Division Road Stow Boot in Black Chromexcel: $625

Crafted on the W2298 last, this Stow boot is made in classic Black Chromexcel with a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles.

trickers division road tramping boot oak horsehide

Tricker’s x Division Road Tramping Boot in Oak Horsehide: $625

Finally, these Tramping Boots are done up in a veg-tan horsehide on the 4497S last with a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles.

division road crockett jones coniston bronze oiled sides

Crockett & Jones x Division Road Coniston in Bronze Oiled Sides: $725

DR has also been keeping busy with Crockett & Jones, having just dropped three new C&J exclusives last week. Here we have their signature Coniston derby boot in Horween Bronze Oiled Sides, made on the 378 last with a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles.

crockett jones division road indiana slate calf suede

Crockett & Jones x Division Road Indiana in Slate Calf Suede: $685

Next, the split-toed Indiana is here in a British suede leather, also on the 378 last. It too comes with a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles.

crockett jones division road moray bronze oiled sides slate calf suede

Crockett & Jones x Division Road Moray in Slate Calf Suede and Bronze Oiled Sides: $745

Finally, the Moray mashes up the previous two leathers on the 378 last, and is also made with a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles.

nicks boots chelseas

Nicks Boots Chelsea: $579+

Made with an uncanny square panel of top-notch goring material, the new slip-on boot from Nicks is available to customize on either the 55 or HNW last in all of their leathers and your choice of sole, heel shape, and more. Also available to order in a work build if you’d like a steel or composite safety toe.

paraboot arpenteur mirage brown

Paraboot x Arpenteur Mirage in Brown: ~$438

Paraboot teams up with French compatriots Arpenteur for another nifty collaboration makeup: the Mirage. Essentially Paraboot’s Chambord model with a wonderfully stripped-down minimalist pattern, it features a 360 Norwegian welt and natural rubber soles. Available in brown…

paraboot arpenteur mirage black

Paraboot x Arpenteur Mirage in Black: ~$438

…or a blacked-out variant.

rancourt porter boot color 8 shell cordovan

Rancourt & Co. Porter Boot in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $750

This extremely handsome, limited-edition Porter is built on the 115 last in Horween Color 8 Shell Cordovan. It’s made with a Blake-rapid construction, and bottomed with a Vibram 430 sole.

rancourt harrington slipper navy chromexcel

Rancourt & Co. Harrington Slipper in Navy Chromexcel: $175

The comfy Harrington, lined with Italian plaid-patterned wool, is made here with Navy CXL on the 555E last.

rancourt freeman slipper olive chromexcel

Rancourt & Co. Freeman Slipper in Olive Chromexcel: $195

The Harrington’s shearling-lined brother, the Freeman, has just been stocked in Olive CXL…

rancourt freeman slipper peanut suede

Rancourt & Co. Freeman Slipper in Peanut Suede: $195

…and Peanut Orion Suede. Also crafted on the 555E last.

alden brogue apron toe blucher coffee nubuck

Alden x Brogue Apron Toe Blucher in Coffee Nubuck: $626

Sizes seem to be going pretty quick on this Barrie-lasted apron toe blucher, which is made in deadstock coffee nubuck leather with a 360 flat welt and single Waterloc soles.

yuketen fisherman hiker gw brown

Yuketen Fisherman Hiker in GW Brown: $500

Inspired by 20th century outdoorsman’s footwear, the limited-edition Fisherman Hiker is half hiking boot, half handsewn moccasin. It’s made with Horween buffalo shoulder and is bottomed with a Vibram 430 mini-lug sole.


Paraboot x Engineered Garments Michael in Noir: $615

Taking cues from Paraboot’s origins at the foot of the French Alps, Engineered Garments has imbued the iconic Michael with a serious dose of hiking boot. D-rings take the place of some of the eyelets, and each pair is made with a combination of smooth grain and hairy suede leather. The Michael’s usual 360 Norwegian welt and natural rubber soles remain. Available in black Noir…

paraboot engineered garments michael smokey

Paraboot x Engineered Garments Michael in Smokey: $615

…dark-brown Smokey…

paraboot engineered garments michael whisky

Paraboot x Engineered Garments Michael in Whisky: $615

…and reddish-brown Whisky.

wesco black bear brand the boss's boss natural shell cordovan

Wesco x Black Bear Brand “The Boss’s Boss” in Natural Shell Cordovan: $1969 (Pre-Order)

Black Bear’s opening the books yet again for their exclusive footwear makeups, including this brand new Wesco boot that is just dripping with opulence. Borrowing some of the styling from Wesco’s Mister Lou engineer, this 10-inch boot is made in Horween Natural Shell Cordovan. Featuring Black Bear-branded hardware, “The Boss’s Boss” is built on the MP1339 last with a stitchdown construction (unlike the naildown construction seen above), and is bottomed with a Vibram 705 half sole.

wheel robe straight tip blucher weinheimer black box calf

Wheel Robe Straight Tip Blucher in Black Weinheimer Box Calf: ~$423

These suave straight tip bluchers from Japanese maker Wheel Robe are made on their 1228 last, and are constructed with a 270 flat welt plus single leather soles (with a topy, it seems) and rubber heels.

oak street bootmakers field boot natural chromexcel roughout

Oak Street Bootmakers Hand-Lasted Field Boot in Natural Chromexcel Roughout: $518

As we noted earlier this week, some more of Oak Street’s core models are now being built with a hand-lasted, hand-finished construction. That includes the boondocker-inspired Field Boot, seen here in Natural CXL roughout (also available in natural smooth and black). Crafted on the Elston last, it features a 270 flat welt along with Vibram 700 cork soles (and hand-tapped brass tacks for extra reinforcement).

oak street bootmakers cap toe trench boot brown chromexcel

Oak Street Bootmakers Hand-Lasted Cap-Toe Boot in Brown Chromexcel: $498

The other new-and-improved model is the Cap-Toe Trench Boot. Also built on the Elston last, it features a toe cap made with freehand brogueing. Each pair is completed with a 360 flat welt and Dainite soles. Also available in black and natural CXL.

dr sole oz trooper black smooth oil tan

Dr. Sole OZ Trooper in Black Smooth Oil Tan: $585

Merging a vintage Australian army boot pattern with the even-more-vintage Munson last, the OZ Trooper is made with a 6-7 oz oil tan leather, a 270 flat welt, and Dr. Sole Supergrip soles. Available in an all-black smooth leather makeup with green soles…

dr sole oz trooper black roughout oil tan

Dr. Sole OZ Trooper Black Roughout Oil Tan: $585

…or a roughout variant with white contrast stitching and black soles. Read more on the OZ Trooper here.

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