As you might imagine, it’s been a slow couple weeks for new releases. But thankfully, the pandemic hasn’t totally shut down many of our favorite brands and retailers, so we’re including some brand new stuff and also doing a bit of catchup…and you may or may not have received a government stimulus check!

It’s a week heavy on Alden and Viberg for sure, but there’s a smattering of very strong Wescos, Meermins, and two new ones for Stitchdown: Swedish brands Lundhags (an ancient hiking boot maker) and Crud, a glovemaker who teamed up with Lundhags to create a very cool hiker.

And don’t forget to check out all the previous Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week roundups—plenty of the recommendations are still available.

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Viberg_Tumbled Blue Shell Cordovan Service Boot

Viberg Intense Blue Tumbled Shell Cordovan Service Boot: $1290

Well these things are absolutely bonkers, in the best way possible. Horween tumbled the blue shell in a wooden drum, resulting in a matte finish and all sorts of interesting un-even-ness throughout. Not a stretch to say this is a statement boot! 2020 last, blind eyelets, and in a move you don’t often see on a Viberg Service Boot, they’re Goodyear storm welted. Verrrrry interested to see how these age. Pre-order.

Viberg Tumbled Blue shell Cordovan Derby

Viberg Intense Blue Tumbled Shell Cordovan Derby Shoe: $1270

Same shell and black storm welt as above, just in the Viberg’s derby shoe. Another statement stunner.

DivisionRoad X Viberg Tonal Traveler Scout Boots—Saddle Tan Chromepack

Viberg x Division Road Scout Boot in Saddle Tan Chromepak: $700

Division Road leveraged an absolutist vision of deeply long-term wearable simplicity for its Tonal Traveler Series that comprises these Scouts and the two Viberg Service Boots below—and they came out wonderfully. For the Scout they went with Viberg’s nicely accommodating 2040 last (honestly can’t remember seeing it used on a Scout before) with an unstructured toe for a lower profile. The Saddle Tan Chromepak comes courtesy of Horween and a black 360-degree Goodyear storm welt joins the upper to a black Vibram 2060 sole.

DivisionRoad X Viberg Tonal Traveler Service Boots—Charcoal Chamois

Viberg x Division Road Service Boot in Charcoal Chamois: $700

Division Road heads back to Horween for their elegant but rugged charcoal chamois leather, which mates with the same black Vibram 2060. The 2030 last and a partially structured toe lend the boot a slightly more elegant profile, while gunmetal eyelets, a black bellows tongue, and a black midsole complete the excellently dark look. Stitchdown construction on these.

DivisionRoad X Viberg Tonal Traveler Service Boots—Faded Wheat Chamois

Viberg x Division Road Service Boot Faded Wheat Chamois: $700

Another 2030-last stitchdown Service Boot, this time on a tan Vibram 2060 sole, Horween’s faded wheat reverse chamois, and brass eyelets. If you’re the type of noble Stitchdown reader who wears boots all summer, 1) good! And 2) this might be the ones for you.

Viberg x Division Road Workwear Beanie

Viberg x Division Road Workwear Beanie: $50

Not a boot! Or shoe, for that matter. But it’s Viberg, and pretty darn cool. The limited-release Workwear Beanie Viberg and DR teamed up on is made from a 50/50 blend of Italian merino wool and acrylic, comes in black and burgundy, and features a 1960s-era label from the Viberg archive smack in the center of its double-layer rib-knit cuff.

Wesco x Standard & Strange Mister Lou Black

Wesco x Standard and Strange Mister Lou in Black Horsehide: $699

Wesco and S&S have teamed up on plenty of engineers before, and this is one of their greats. The teacore horsehide Mister Lou boot has just been restocked: a vintage-styled, narrow-shafted, Horween Chromexcel horsehide stitchdown beauty. Solid-brass rollers, a tightened heel cup, 1930s stitching, all on the shapely Road Patrol 1339 last.

Wesco x Standard & Strange Mister Lou Brown

Wesco x Standard and Strange Mister Lou in Brown Horsehide: $699

This boot shares all the same details as above—just in brown horsehide CXL—down to the half-sole and heel combo and that essential v-stitch on the back.

Alden x Brogue Firenze Loafer

Alden x Brogue Palm Beach Loafer in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $766

Brogue dug deep into the Alden archives for the Palm Beach Loafer, and….damn. Based on an old golf shoe pattern, it definitely sports some arresting details while remaining pure, classic Alden. The Aberdeen last and a 270-degree flat welt pair nicely with the single leather outsole. Mack at Brogue is an outright Alden visionary.

Alden x Brogue Firenze Loafer

Alden x Brogue Firenze Loafer in Milkshake Suede: $569

Now, when I think “Alden loafer,” this is more where my head goes. A classic penny loafer, Brogue has mixed things up by putting this on the Copley last to give them a higher instep and narrower heel. The milkshake suede looks just about perfect stitched atop that waterlock single leather sole. If you don’t mind going light with your loafers, it’s hard to go wrong with something like this.

Alden x Brogue Tassel Moccasin

Alden x Brogue Floyd Tassel Moccasin in Ivory Suede: $570

It’s not every day you see someone wearing a pair of ivory suede tassel loafers, but I’d certainly respect them if I did. Built on the Aberdeen last and stitched to a single waterlock sole, these are the kind of shoes that cause a stir.

Alden x Brogue Blue Suede Shoes

Alden x Brogue Elvis “Blue Suede Shoes”: $585

Another unreal statement shoe from Brogue. Plaza last, 270-degree flat welt, single waterlock sole, brass eyelets, beautiful cap toe and medallion. Don’t step on them!

Alden x Brick & Mortar “Gilman” Navy Suede Unlined Straight Tip Blucher: $585

An unrelated blue suede shoe: B&M’s Plaza-last Gilman also sits atop a Plaza last, and tones things down with five blind eyelets and a quarter brogue cap toe.

Brick & Mortar Enrico Monk Strap

Alden x Brick & Mortar “Enrico” Monk Strap Shoe in Burgundy Calfskin: $595

A real class act, these Plaza-last single monks come with a rich calfskin upper that’s 360-degree flat-welted to waterlock flex outsoles to keep out the elements. Classics.

Meermin Ultraflex Chukka

Meermin Ultraflex System Chukka Boots : $210

It’s tougher than it should be to find a great, unassuming chukka, but Meermin’s hit that mark at a great price. The Ultraflex is Meermin’s fresh approach to Goodyear welt construction—it’s largely defined by a veg-tan leather insole topped by a calf-lined memory foam over-insole. Full-grain Italian Castoro calf suede comes in four colors, and the boots use Meermin’s brand’s new, less-dressy ROD last.

These are on Meermin’s MTO Groups right now, whose countdown clock may expire by the time you read this, but expect to see this chukka popping up quite a bit in the future.

Lundhags x Crud Gransland Boot

Lundhags x Crud Gransland: €460

Pre-orders are open now through June 15 for this collaboration boot between 88-year-old Swedish hiking boot maker Lundhags and Swedish leather goods maker Crud (we love their gloves). The classic but damn handsome hiker uses two varieties of eco-friendly Terracare leather from Germany’s Heinen tannery, and also feature a removable wool/cork footbed and matte black hardware. Unlike many boots we cover, these are actually designed for hiking (albeit shorter ones), though they’d perform just as well in the city on their Lundhags Wayfinder lugged outsole.

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