Just a scant few weeks till the next Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome kicks off…have you picked out which pair you’ll be competing in yet?? Who knows, maybe you’ll find it below.

There’s lots of patina-worthy and just-plain-great makeups to check out this week, including some ready-to-wear split-toes from Acme Shoemaker; some fantastic Alden makeups at Brick + Mortar and Halo Shoes; a whole slate of new seasonal pairs from Tricker’s; and much, much more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Division Road x Whites Boots LTT Olive Waxed Flesh

Division Road x White’s Boots LTT Lineman 350 in Horween Olive Waxed Flesh: $690

First off, we hope to all hell that you can come meet us at Division Road’s new bucolic Virginia headquaters when we bring White’s Boots out for a Shoenanza extravganza from Sept 30-Oct 1. Meanwhile, DR’s latest with the Spokane maker is all lineman-patched out (which of course we’re in full support of) in Horween’s olive waxed flesh. Great Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome boot!

division road x whites navy cxl LTT oxford

Division Road x White’s Boots LTT Oxford 300 in Navy CXL: $675

That lineman’s patch is also present on this shortboi lace-to-toe oxford, which is quickly becoming a DR staple.

viberg hiker black chromexcel

Viberg Hiker in Black Chromexcel: $786

Availble exclusively at Brooklyn Clothing Co. in North America, these murdered-out Hikers come with a 360 storm welt and Goodyear commando soles on the 9220 last, and feature Thinsulate lining for cold-condition wear.

crockett jones glencoe aw22

Crockett & Jones Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection

Drawing inspiration from the ecospheres of Iceland, C&J’s seasonal collection includes some-old, some-new, all-excellent makeups for casual and formal wear. Check out some of our favorites from the collection here.

trickers heath golf derby burnished espresso calf

Tricker’s Heath Golf Derby in Burnished Espresso Calf: ~$552

C&J isn’t the only Northampton maker to release their seasonal collection this week—Tricker’s has introduced a whole bunch of AW22 models as well!

We’ll highlight just a few makeups here, including these Heath golf derbies, built on the 4497K last. This apron-toed shoe is based on a Tricker’s model from the 1950s, but they’ve swapped out the golf spikes for Ridgeway rubber soles.

trickers daniel tramping shoe black olivvia calf

Tricker’s Daniel Tramping Shoe in Black Olivvia Calf: ~$552

Made on the 4497S last, these all-black Daniels emphasize flexibility and lighter weight; they lack the usual leather midsole, and they’re bottomed with Vibram’s Vi-Lite lightweight commando soles. On top of that, they’re made with a calfskin leather produced through olive tanning—an ecologically-friendly method with tanning agents derived from olive leaves.

trickers woodstock country shoe caramel kudu

Tricker’s Woodstock Country Shoe in Caramel Kudu: ~$552

Rugged yet refined, these plain-toe derbies are 4497S-lasted in a caramel-colored kudu with blind eyelets, a 360 storm welt, and Ridgeway soles.

trickers stow country boot snuff kudu

Tricker’s Stow Country Boot in Snuff Kudu: ~$592

Tricker’s iconic Stow boot is also well-represented in the collection, here in the form of snuff-colored kudu. This model is also formed on the 4497S last with a 360 storm welt and Ridgeway soles.

alden j crew plain toe boot snuff suede

Alden x J. Crew Plain Toe Boot in Snuff Suede: $645

Alden’s latest exclusive for J. Crew is another classic silhouette: a Barrie-lasted plain toe boot in snuff suede, featuring a 360 pre-stitch reverse welt and crepe rubber soles.

Frank’s Boots Monkey Boot: $620

Frank’s latest pattern is their take on the monkey boot—a style that resonates with everyone from roofers to WWII-era Czechoslovakian soldiers. Per usual, it’s completely customizable on the Frank’s site, but the standard option is made in an 8-ounce work leather to a 6-inch height with a lowered arch and their #3 toe, a pair of Vibram 430 mini-lug soles.

sagara new valiant dark brown horsebutt

Sagara New Valiant in Dark Brown Oiled Horsebutt: $680

Sagara has released a ready-to-wear lineup of their Valiant lace-to-toe boot, done up in some fantastic dark brown oiled horsebutt from Shinki Hikaku. Built on the Morgan last with a 270 Norvegese construction and Dr. Sole cork half soles, just a couple sizes remain in this limited offering.

unmarked db hunter olive waxed suede

Unmarked DB Hunter in Olive Waxed Suede: $420 (25% Off Through Pre-Order)

Unmarked is trying something a lil’ different: for the next ~2 weeks, they’re offering three different models of their DB Hunter boot to pre-order at 25% off their listed price, bringing the total down to $315. This trio of DB Hunters is looking pretty sweet, too—they’ve opted for some durable, low-profile Vibram 700 soles, and it comes in either an olive waxed suede…

unmarked db hunter dark brown waxed suede

Unmarked DB Hunter in Dark Brown Waxed Suede: $420 (25% Off Through Pre-Order)

…dark brown waxed suede…

unmarked db hunter mosto waxed suede

Unmarked DB Hunter in Mosto Waxed Suede: $420 (25% Off Through Pre-Order)

…and the Mosto brown waxed suede.

acme shoemaker st moritz vintage hatch grain

Acme Shoemaker ST Moritz in Vintage Tan Hatch Grain: $1750

Chinese shoe workshop Acme—who were mentioned in this week’s Shoecast focused on the finer points of fine dress shoes (give it a listen)—recently released a ready-to-wear split-toe model known as the Moritz. Built on the elegantly sharp F75 last, these shoes are hand-welted and feature a 180-degree Norwegian stitch, along with leather soles with beautifully sculpted fiddleback waists. Luxurious.

alden brick mortar longwing blucher tobacco reverse chamois

Alden x Brick + Mortar Longwing Blucher in Tobacco Reverse Chamois: $645

Brick + Mortar recently restocked a couple of their customers’ favorite makeups. First, this LWB in tobacco reverse chamois is formed on the Barrie last, and features a 360 pre-stitch reverse welt and commando soles.

alden brick mortar v-tip color 8 shell cordovan

Alden x Brick + Mortar V-Tip in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $825

There’s also the return of their exclusive V-tip, distinguished by six blind eyelets. Made with Horween Shell Cordovan, it is also crafted on the Barrie last with a 360 pre-stitch reverse welt and commando soles.

meermin cap toe jumper boot black waxy commander

Meermin Cap Toe Jumper Boot in Black Waxy Commander: $260

There’s a lot of cool stuff to check out again this week over at Meermin’s Made To Order section, but we’ll highlight just a few makeups here, starting with these cap toe jumper boots. All-black except for the hardware, these boots are built on the Rod last in C.F. Stead Waxy Commander leather with a 360 storm welt and Vibram lightweight commando soles.

meermin plain toe blucher black waxy commander

Meermin Plain Toe Blucher in Black Waxy Commander: $220

Similar specs can be seen on these PTBs, built on the Hok last.

meermin plain toe blucher snuff super buck

Meermin Plain Toe Blucher in Snuff Super Buck: $195

Yet another C.F. Stead leather, their Super Buck suede complements Meermin’s Hok-lasted PTB quite well. This makeup is built with a 360 storm welt and studded rubber soles.

alden halo shoes ranger mocc loden suede

Alden x Halo Shoes Ranger Mocc in Loden Suede: $645

Now available at Halo Shoes, these exclusive ranger moccs are formed on the Van last in loden suede, with a 360 flat welt and Alden’s sahara cavity wedge.

alden halo shoes navy boot black shell cordovan

Alden x Halo Shoes “Navy” Boot: $835

Halo has also restocked their blacked-out plain toe boot, made on the 379X last with black shell cordovan. It’s built with a 360 flat welt and Alden commando soles.