No point in not stating the obvious: this week’s roundup features a LOT of Viberg Service Boots—some brand new, and three classics back in stock—plus two killer Alden makeups from Brogue, a duo of very, very good engineers from Standard & Strange, and basically every boot Nick’s makes in a brand-new leather.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Mister Lou Engineer Boots - Natural CXL

Wesco Mister Lou Engineer Boot in Natural CXL: $659

I have these boots! And they are phenomenal. And very soon I’ll be publishing a diary of wearing them for a month (and the engineer-fear that preceded it…which I overcame with aplomb). Unstructured toe, Wesco-branded Dr. Sole half-soles. Sizes have been going quick but S&S is expecting a restock in coming weeks.

John lofgren Devils Causeway engineer boot

John Lofgren The Devil’s Causeway Engineer Boot in Dark Cherry Shinki Horsehide Pre-Order: $1275

This Shinki leather looks absolutely bonkers.

Division Road Viberg shinki camel boot

Viberg x Division Road Shinki Camel Latigo Horsehide Officer Boot: $825

DR just restocked these beauties in a patina-hungry Shinki horsehide. 2030 last, leather sole, all class.

viberg service boot burned oak dublin plain toe

Viberg 2030 Plain Toe Service Boot in Burned Oak Dublin: $710

An excellent shade of Horween’s veg-tan Dublin leather graces this perfectly straightforward Service boot on Ridgeway…

viberg service boot burned oak dublin

Viberg 2030 Brogued Cap Toe Service Boot in Burned Oak Dublin: $730

…as well as the brogued cap toe version, which gets Dainite underfoot.

viberg service boot denim shell cordovan

Viberg 2030 Service Boot in Denim Shell Cordovan: $1450

Viberg continues to know zero bounds when it comes to interesting shell colors, and this denim color—first time I’ve seen it!—is a sinister beauty indeed, especially with the black eyes and hooks.

viberg service boot ultraviolet shell cordovan

Viberg 2030 Service Boot in Ultra Violet Shell Cordovan: $1450

Viberg used Horween’s UV shell before, on a pair of 245s that I lust after regularly. This time is on a 2030 Service Boot with a Dainite sole and natural midsole. Not a quiet boot!

brooklyn clothing viberg service boot PCT natural CXL

Viberg 2030 Cap Toe Service Boot in Natural Chromexcel: $715

And then, three classic ‘Bergs, thoughtfully restocked by Canada’s own Brooklyn Clothing. 2030 last, seven eyelets, unstructured toe, and Dainite soles, coming in natural CXL…

brooklyn clothing viberg service boot PCT brown CXL

Viberg 2030 Cap Toe Service Boot in Brown Chromexcel: $715

…brown CXL…

brooklyn clothing viberg service boot PCT color8 CXL

Viberg 2030 Cap Toe Service Boot in Color 8 Chromexcel: $715

…and the vastly underrated Color 8 CXL.

Nicks boots robert 1964 brown

Nick’s Boots New 1964 Leather (Basically Their Entire Lineup): $500+

The Spokane maker’s newest leather, 1964 Brown from Seidel, is actually, in many ways, a very old one—it’s based on leathers Nick’s used to use back in the day, is jammed full of oils and waxes, and from early returns on Nick’s test boots, ages wonderfully. Definitely worth checking out all the models available in this stuff.

alden brogue buffalo indy boot black CXL

Alden x Brogue Black CXL Buffalo Indy Boot: $595

Brogue often interprets Alden as boldly as possible, and this CXL Trubalance Indy is blacked the hell out—eyelets, reverse welt, stitching—until you get to the screaming red cavity wedge sole. So very badass.

alden brogue ranger moc scotch grain

Alden x Brogue Brown Scotch Grain Ranger Mocc: $610

Casual spring and summer comfort comes in the form of a Van-last ranger mocc hooked up to a plantation crepe sole. Love the pop of the brass eyelets.

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