And we’ve got another breezy edition of Shoes ‘n Boots of the Week for you all. This week, we’ll be covering a couple of new drops from Nicks, a Viberg Shelby Sharp swansong from Division Road, a pair of nifty jump boots from Oak Street, and more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

division road viberg shelby latigo

Viberg x Division Road Shelby Sharp in Tan Latigo Horsehide: $865

This Shelby is one for the road, as Division Road prepares to make the move from Seattle to Virginia, and it’s quite the sendoff (and perhaps the last Shelby Sharp we’ll see?) Along with the Shelby’s signature pinking and an absolutely stunning brogued backstay, these boots feature some tan Latigo horsehide from Shinki Hikaku and are made on the 2020 last.

oak street bootmakers lakeshore jump boot polo brown classic calf vibram 705 half sole cats paw heel

Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Jump Boot in Polo Brown Calf: $512

OSB says that pairing soft calfskin with rugged Vibram 700 soles and deadstock Cat’s Paw heels is “the same logic that results in V12-powered luxury sedans,” and I find that hard to argue with. Also these are quite possibly the best looking boots OSB has ever made! Made on the Lakeshore last, these boots come in a classic brown…

Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Jump Boot in Ink Black Calf: $512

…or you can really go full paratrooper with this blacked-out iteration.

noblemans apothecary x nicks boots

Nicks Boots x Nobleman’s Apothecary “Swashbuckler”: $565 (Pre-Order)

Built on Nicks’ 55 last, these two-toners are made for any and all swashbuckling needs (surely you have many) with a mixture of smoothout and roughout waxed flesh natural Chromexcel (to clarify, the smoothout isn’t just regular CXL—it’s actually the unfinished side of waxed flesh, meant to evoke more of a natural veg-tan appearance.) Also features Vibram 700 soles and special Nobleman’s Apothecary kilties. AND, for each pair sold, Nobleman’s Apothecary will donate $10 to The Eric Marsh Foundation helping the families of fallen Wildland Firefighters. Pretty cool stuff.

nicks boots dark olive chromexcel

Nicks Dark Olive Chromexcel MTO: $539+

Also on the same topic of Chromexcel Nicks, this week they unveiled an MTO in the uncommon Dark Olive colorway. Last, height, heel, hardware, toe structure…go nuts with customizing this one.

makers utip shell cordovan

Makers U-Tip Boots in Color 2 and Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan

Not sure how many of our readers are in Hong Kong, but we thought these new arrivals at Benny’s Store in Kowloon were too good not to take note of. Made by a small-production Japanese brand simply and aptly known as Makers, these U-tip split-toe boots are meticulously constructed with Horween Shell Cordovan, including the far-too-rare Color 2. Inquire for purchase on the Benny’s Store Facebook page.

edward green stefan cranleigh extreme brown zug

Edward Green x Shoes of Stefan Cranleigh Derby Boot: ~$1883 (GMTO)

Dat apron! These Cranleighs from Edward Green look phenomenal, and our friend Shoes of Stefan is offering a chance to get a pair in Extreme Brown Zug grain in this special GMTO. These boots are built on the 202 last with a storm welt and Ridgeway soles. This GMTO is limited to ten pairs, so hop in quick if you’re interested.

alden x david wood brighton indy

Alden x David Wood “Brighton” Indy Boot: $698

More grainy goodness can be found over at David Wood this week. These Indys are built on Alden’s ever-popular Trubalance last in tan highland grain leather, and feature a split reverse welt and commando soles.

alden madison quickly utip blucher

Alden Madison “Quickley” U-Tip Blucher: $625 (Crowdfunded)

“Haha #knickslife” Ben said when I sent him this blucher. “Huh?” I replied, and after being forced to watch two hours of NBA highlights, I now understand the immeasurable midrange floater game of Immanuel Quickley. Anywho, these U-tip bluchers (if they’re funded!) will be built on the Barrie last with double Waterloc soles. Love the brass hardware on these!