Meet Adele Williamson: Tricker’s youngest bespoke shoemaker ever, and also Tricker’s first female bespoke shoemaker—in the brand’s 192-year history.

Adele’s story is fantastic: unsure of what to do with her life, she enrolled in a shoe design class (not really the truly good kind…yet), then applied for an internship at Northampton stalwart Tricker’s shortly after. Fast forward honestly not that many years, and she’s working every day with customers in an endlessly personal manner to create the bespoke creations of their dreams.

And I have to say on top of all that, Adele is just an absolute joy to speak with—bursting with passion for shoemaking, humble, charming, and utterly aware how lucky she is to have her absolute dream job.

Oh and she made shoes for Stringer Bell. And Prince Charles! But more importantly, Stringer Bell.

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