A dazzling duo of color 8 shell boots, a smattering of slippers from Viberg, and the chonkiest chonkers you’ve ever seen…there’s a lot to talk about in this edition of Shoes ‘n Boots of the Week!

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

alden ealdwine sterling indy boot slattery black calfskin

Alden x Ealdwine “Sterling” Indy Boot: $640

Made with input from our boy @jso1._, these Indys are made on the Trubalance last with some stylish Slattery Black Softy Calf leather. They come with brass hardware, a 360 reverse welt, and commando soles, but my favorite feature is the berry gold moc stitching.

alden ealdwine mitchell vtip boot black shell cordovan

Alden x Ealdwine “Mitchell” V-Tip Boot: $815

A striking v-tip makeup (with a splash of Indy mixed in), these boots are made on the Hampton last (rarely seen for this style) with black Horween shell cordovan. The quarters feature the accent stitching typically found on Alden’s Indy model, plus brass hardware, a 360 flat welt, and commando soles.

Viberg slipper wasabi waxed veldt

Viberg Slipper in Wasabi Waxed Veldt: $520

For the pre-summer (otherwise known as “spring”), Viberg has added a few more slippers to their roster. Standouts include this pair in some spicy wasabi waxed veldt…

viberg slipper eco veg pewter suede roughout

Viberg Slipper in Eco Veg Pewter Suede Roughout: $520

…and this pair in C.F. Stead’s eco veg pewter suede roughout. (Try saying that five times fast.)

viberg division road desert camp derby horween chestnut essex

Viberg Derby in Chestnut Essex: $695

Making their debut at Division Road this week, these Derby Shoes are ready-made for a springtime jaunt around town. They’re made on the 2020 last with handsome chestnut Essex leather from Horween, a 360 storm welt, and Dainite soles.

alden brogue ruby hill plain toe boot color 8 shell cordovan

Alden x Brogue “Ruby Hill” Boot: $812

This makeup is a stellar example of how a plain toe boot can look anything but plain. Built on the 379x last with color 8 shell cordovan, these boots are made with a 270 storm welt, single leather soles, pull tabs, and allllll the eyelets, baby. These pairs are going quick; there’s only a handful of sizes left as of publishing.

alden brogue venice boot color 8 shell cordovan

Alden x Brogue “Venice” Boot: $799

Brogue has also recently restocked another Color 8 shell model, the “Venice.” Made on the Plaza last with some special fleur-de-lis medallion brogueing, these boots exude versatility, inviting you to dress them up or down. Or hell, maybe somewhere in the middle.

Alden x Oxford & Derby DeRosa Cap-Toe in Madison Brown Calf

Alden x Oxford & Derby DeRosa Cap-Toe in Madison Brown Calf: $619

Pittsburgh’s Oxford & Derby (formerly Nettleton Shop, for true heads) just dropped this sleek Plaza-last DeRosa on commando sole with some very excellent brogueing—love the little diamond right by the lower eyelets. Classy + capable.

truman black horse rump moc toe derby

Truman Moc Toe Derby in Black Horse Rump: $430

Truman has been on a big moc-toe kick recently, and they’re keeping that going with these new derbies. Built on Truman’s 20 last, the boot-shoes feature a 270 storm welt, brass hardware, and commando soles.

truman upland boot java predator

Truman Upland Boot in Java Predator: $480

Typically, when Truman releases a boot in the Java colorway, the leather is a waxed flesh. This time around, they’ve worked with Horween to bring Java to the Predator tannage. This waxy, resilient leather will age beautifully if beaten well, and those rugged Vibram 100 soles ought to help you in said beating process.

oak street bootmakers 10 year trench boot black oil tan leather sole

Oak Street Bootmakers 10-Year Trench Boot: $298

OSB’s tenth anniversary was last year, but now they’ve re-released their classic Trench Boot in a black oil tan leather from Seidel and a classic leather sole. Normally priced above $400, OSB is offering these boots at a 30% discount. Just a few sizes left.wesco standard and strange skybreaker

Wesco x Standard & Strange Skybreaker Boots: $750

The Skybreakers: for when you’ve got a shift at the quarry till 5pm but have to play bass in your KISS cover band at 6. Yes, Standard & Strange did indeed release these yesterday, April 1st, but they’re very real and you can really buy them with real money. You might become allergic to doorways by wearing them, but such a sacrifice must be made for the sake of F A S H I O N.

And don’t forget the three Stitchdown x Alden collabs still open for pre-order…

alden indy boot judd frost navy cxl

Stitchdown x Judd Frost “Walton” Navy CXL Indy Boot: $665

But only a $200 deposit now! Commando sole, brass eyes and hooks, the whole deal.

Alden Madison x Stitchdown Stitchup2 boot arabica lux veg tan horween

Stitchdown x Alden Madison “Stitchup 2” Boot in Horween Arabica Lux: $645

With the new veg-tan leather from Horween. These will move quick once they’re in, so reserve your size now…

alden stitchdown reverse tobacco chamois indy shoe

Stitchdown x Judd Frost “Ravenwood” Reverse Tobacco Chamois Indy Oxford: $595

Casual Indy comfort, finally in shoe form. Trubalance, Sahara tan wedge, let’s go.

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