Alden releases sadly took a bit of a layoff due to the pandemic (except for these, of course—sizes still available!). But shops are starting to get deliveries of new makeups once more, so at least one thing is right in this world of ours. Grant Stone also just came out with a grip of styles including their long-awaited Chelseas, and Division Road keeps things rolling with their always impressive Viberg makeups.

Lot to be happy about in the footwear world this week. And don’t forget to check out all the previous Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week roundups—plenty of the recommendations are still available.

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Division Road x Viberg Derby tannino vitello calf

Divison Road x Viberg Tannino Vitello Calf Derby Shoe: (Releasing at 1pm EST, 7/3)

Light veg-tan leather=PatinaTown potential, and these simple beauties from Viberg and DR have it in spades. Goodyear flat-welted on the 2020 last (more info on it here), the subtle French binding really edges these into a very appealing territory.

DivisionRoad x Viberg Unicorn Service Boot

Division Road x Viberg Black Unicorn Scout Boot: $725

These came out last week, but still…it’s unicorn! (It’s really elk.) The unique nubucked C.F. Stead leather graces a 2030 stitchdown Scout on a Christy wedge. Eyelets all the way up.

DivisionRoad x Viberg Unicorn Scout Boot

Division Road x Viberg Ebony Unicorn Service Boot: $735

That same Stead unicorn (Maybe elk? Maybe actual unicorn this time???) goes on a cap toe service boot on Dainite. Also stitchdown, also eyelet-town.

eastman leather tanker boot

Eastman Leather Co. Tanker Boots: $1,100

This tanker boot might seem like a fanciful, almost avant-garde design, but they were designed, in part, by one George S. Patton in 1937. The straps made the boots less of a hazard in the confines of a tank, wherein laces and hardware could snag and even melt. The shaft of the boot is high, with a gusset going almost to the to—an essential detail that kept servicemen’s feet dry in the mud churned up by their iron steeds.

The Horween horsehide mimics the quality of a burnished, waterproofed roughout—something servicemen often did themselves. Though the last is based on a WWII original, everything has been tweaked to make for the most comfortable, wearable version possible. The boot comes in three colorways: Russet Brown, Black, and Havana Burnished roughout. Different boot. Cool boot.

alden v-tip humus suede

Alden x J. Crew Humus Suede V-Tip: $589

J.Crew may have declared bankruptcy, but the sales haven’t yet reached their selection of exclusive Alden shoes. Presenting: the humus suede V-Tip. These calfskin suede bluchers rest on the brand’s Leydon last and reside upon a double-oiled leather outsole.

Alden tobacco chamois straight tip boot

Alden x Alden of Carmel Tobacco Chamois Straight Tip: $611

Alden of Carmel’s Tobacco Chamois boot combines a rugged upper with a svelte oiled leather outsole. Alden’s waterloc technology unites the upper and outsole and a 379x provides a touch of chonk to an otherwise sleek-as-hell boot. Nickel hardware adds a touch of shine, and a cap-toe gives it just a touch of workwear pragmatism.

alden burnished tan calf slip on loafer

Alden x Brick & Mortar Burnished Tan Calf Slip-On Loafer: $560

With the way things are going, we may very well be stuck in our comfy clothes and shoes for months more. The Cassill loafer, with its plaza last and Waterloc flex outsole, seems as good an option as any—if you wanna look REALLY good loafing around the house.

alden ruby hill color 8 shell cordovan boot

Alden x Brogue Color 8 Cordovan Ruby Hill Boot: $795

Pre-orders are open for Brogue’s 379x last Ruby Hill, which has a 270 degree storm welt, leather outsole, and 9 eyelets plus a pull tab. You can secure your own pair with a $200 down payment.

grant stone chelsea boot black annonay calf

Grant Stone Chelsea in Black Calf: $312

Grant Stone’s new Chelseas are something—here’s a deeper look, including sizing for their new UK last. Annonay French Calf upper, micro-stud sole. Straightforward and excellent.

grant stone chelsea boot earth waxy commander FINAL

Grant Stone Chelsea in Earth Waxy Commander: $280

Grant Stone is also doing another, more resilient iteration of their Chelsea. It uses the same last, but with a hardier, waxed leather from Charles F. Stead, flat-welted to a natural storm midsole. Again, more Grant Stone Chelsea info right here.

grant stone oxford black calf

Grant Stone Fairfield Oxford in Black Calf: $295

Formal oxfords aren’t always especially comfortable, which was why Grant Stone went with their Oliver last for this semi-brogue. By pairing a fuller fit with a traditionally slim profile, this classic dress shoe can be worn for longer stretches —and for more than just special occasions.

grant stone oxford tan calf

Grant Stone Fairfield Oxford in British Tan Calf: $295

A somewhat more casual leather for the Fairfield Oxford. This shoe seems primed for summer weddings—if weddings were currently allowed.

grant stone cap toe boot forest kudu

Grant Stone Cap Toe Boot in Forest Kudu: $340

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s something about a green boot. Grant Stone’s Forest Kudu from Charles F. Stead looks good straight away, but will only get better with time. Set on the Leo last and using a natural split reverse welt and micro-stud rubber sole, there’s plenty of contrast and lots of potential.

grant stone diesel boot waxy commander

Grant Stone Diesel Boot in Earth Waxy Commander: $280

Another example of Charles F. Stead’s no-nonsense Waxy Commander leather, the Diesel Boot combines many of Grant Stone’s most successful construction methods and styles into a great everyday service boot.

truman teacore front range boot

Truman Boot Co. Front Range in Black Teacore: $490

Black teacore leather—revealing a lighter shade when scuffed—pairs with Truman’s C-55 last and an unstructured toe box, which nicely complements the Vibram 430 sole. Rawhide laces and brass hardware round out the ensemble.

helm zind boot

20% Off All Helm Boots

In a year with more than a few good reasons not to celebrate Independence Day, we can at least take advantage of a good sale from the comfort of our homes. Now, through the weekend, all Helm Boots are 20% off, which might be just the endorphin rush you need to get you through these trying times.

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