Howdy! Hope your 2023 is off to a great start. We’re hitting the ground running here with our first release roundup of the annum, with plenty to cover: some terrific GMTOpportunities at Skoaktiebolaget, cool blue Alden loafers at Brogue, some more fantastic Japanese footwear at East West Apparel, and much more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

whites boots division road 375 logger black waxed flesh natural chromexcel

White’s Boots x Division Road 375 LTT Logger in Black Waxed Flesh and Natural Chromexcel: $735

Division Road takes their exclusive 375 Logger lace-to-toe boot out for another spin. Built to a 7-inch height on the Spokane maker’s classic 55 last with White’s trademark handsewn stitchdown construction and Vibram lug half-soles, it’s now available in a combo of two Horween leathers: Natural Chromexcel and Black Waxed Flesh. Love the blacked out sole edge/welt/thread rolling into the waxed flesh, great touch there. 

whites boots division road 375 logger cinnamon waxed flesh natural chromexcel

White’s Boots x Division Road 375 LTT Logger in Cinnamon Waxed Flesh and Natural Chromexcel: $735

DR’s Natty CXL/Cinnamon Waxed Flesh version is also back in stock.

parkhurst allen waxed flesh

Parkhurst Allen in Waxed Flesh: $378

Following the debut of some brand-new styles, Parkhurst is bringing back their popular Allen plain-toe and Richmond cap-toe boots. Parkhurst continues to refine and upgrade their build components; the most prominent new feature is their custom commando soles.

There are some previously-seen leathers in the mix, such as this waxed flesh from Seidel…

parkhurst allen burgundy double shot

Parkhurst Allen in Dark Burgundy Double Shot: $378

…as well as their Dark Burgundy Double Shot.

parkhurst richmond oak rambler

Parkhurst Richmond in Oak Rambler: $378

Meanwhile, some new leathers have been added to the catalog, including this moody, textured Oak Rambler from C.F. Stead…

parkhurst allen black waxy suede

Parkhurst Richmond in Black Waxy Suede: $358

…along with this custom-made-for-Parkhurst black waxy suede. You can find the rest of these new Parkhurst boots here. This the the first of two batches of boots being delivered from Parkhurst’s factory, so if you don’t see your size available, check back in mid-January when the next batch goes live.

makers gulf boots black horsebutt

Makers Gulf Boots in Black Horsebutt: ~$803

Ok these are great—one of two very intriguing designs from Japanese brand Makers that just landed at East West Apparel. These are a unique take on the monkey boot pattern that we definitely haven’t seen the likes of before: a largely blank canvas save for a prominent heel counter cover, and a double-stitch swooping from it right up to the toe. The struck-through black horsebutt from Italian tanning icon Guidi combines with a blacked out with a 270 flat welt and thin Vibram half-sole to create a deeply classy/vintage feel. Really cool boots! 

makers umocca boots color 4 shell cordovan

Makers UMOCCA Boots in Color 4 Shell Cordovan: ~$1309

There are also these stunning split-toe boots, crafted in the somewhat-rare Color 4 Shell Cordovan from Horween. They too are made with a 270 flat welt, thin Vibram half-sole, and Biltrite heel. This exact boot actually made an appearance in our first Patina Thunderdome and the worn-hard results are very worth checking out

alden brogue full strap loafer navy nubuck

Alden x Brogue Full Strap Loafer in Navy Nubuck: $589

These gorgeous loafers are made on Alden’s Aberdeen last with a 270 flat welt and single Waterloc sole.

unmarked yulka 02gxl eco white

Unmarked Yulka 02GXL in Eco White: $350

Never afraid to be bold, Unmarked has outfitted their Yulka hiker with a brilliantly white leather that’s aluminum-tanned through “tawing”, an ancient, eco-friendly tanning process that results in a very forgiving—and in this case, quite striking—leather. Built with a 360 flat welt, these boots are outfitted with some Xtralight commando soles.

oak street bootmakers porterhouse clothing trench boot black oil tan roughout

Oak Street Bootmakers x Porterhouse Clothing Trench Boot in Black Oil Tan Roughout: $488

Eugene, Oregon-based Porterhouse Clothing has put together their first-ever collab with Oak Street. These Trench Boots are made with Seidel’s hardy oil tan roughout, and feature a 360 storm welt and Vibram 430 mini-lug soles.

rancourt huckberry harrison toast rushmore

Rancourt & Co. x Huckberry Harrison Boot in Toast Rushmore: $395

Huckberry has two exclusive takes on Rancourt’s bestselling Harrison handsewn boot. With a double-bottom vamp and Lactae Hevea natural rubber soles, these boots come in Toast Rushmore, a tumbled bison leather…

rancourt huckberry harrison khaki suede

Rancourt & Co. x Huckberry Harrison Boot in Khaki Suede: $395

…as well as Khaki Suede.

lof tung antibes parisian suede

Löf & Tung Antibes in Parisian Suede: $280 (GMTO)

Lots of GMTOs happening this month at Sweden’s Skoaktiebolaget. From their house brand, Löf & Tung, there’s some sharp unlined loafers that should be plenty comfortable for when they arrive late in the spring. Made with a 270 flat welt and single leather soles.

enzo bonafe moccasin chukka flint reverse kudu

Enzo Bonafé Moccasin Chukka in Flint Reverse Kudu: ~$463 (GMTO)

There are also a few models available from Italian workshop Enzo Bonafé. Here we have their Moccasin Chukka, which will come unlined on the 40530 last in Flint Reverse Kudu. It’s bottomed with a comfy crepe rubber sole.

enzo bonafe semi brogue vitello yoko

Enzo Bonafé Semi Brogue in Vitello Yoko: ~$555 (GMTO)

Next, there is Enzo’s classic Semi Brogue oxford in burgundy Vitello Yoko, built on the 946 last. Made with a 270 handwelted construction on single leather soles.

enzo bonafe chukka hidro moka suede

Enzo Bonafé Chukka in Hidro Moka Suede: ~$555 (GMTO)

Finally, there are also these handsome chukkas in a dark brown suede, made on the 74945 last. Also built with a 270 handwelted construction, with a single leather sole and Vibram rubber topy.

the flat head engineer black chromexcel

The Flat Head Engineer in Black Chromexcel: $995

Not new, but definitely notable: Self Edge recently restocked these rock-solid engineers from Japanese repro brand The Flat Head—which we’d been led to believe wouldn’t be seen again. Welcome back! Clocking in at a 9.5-inch height, they feature both iron and brass buckles, a 270 storm welt, and a Vibram 705 half-sole with the Vibram 700 heel. Available in both black Chromexcel…

the flat head engineer natural chromexcel

The Flat Head Engineer in Natural Chromexcel: $995

…and natty CXL.

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