It’s been over two years since our own Ticho took on Mr. Style, aka @almostvintagestyle, aka ” Jake,”  in the inaugural Stitchdown Bootbate, an extremely formal and rigid debate…about boots.

Since then, both competitors have been cooped up in their lairs, conditioning their boots, shining their heels, wearing clothing from a place known as Japan, and mostly, preparing for the second round. Well here it is, people. Here it is!

The Stitchdown Bootbate 2: Electric Boot-Galoo is yet another epic clash between these two boot titans, covering the big, important topics in only the way they can. What is first on their list of lasts? Dainite: dapper or deadly?? Country of origin: how much does it matter in 2023?!? And oh so much more.

Yet another battle of boot logic and knowledge for the ages awaits you!

Give it a listen below!

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This episode was sponsored by Standard & Strange, and about this there is no debate: the Oakland, NYC, and Sante Fe retailer is home to some of the great boots in the world

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