Welcome to a very, very special Shoecast episode! The entire shoe world has been on the edge of its heels waiting for 2030th Shoelympics to kick off from Northampton, England, and the Shoecast has secured exclusive coverage of the opening ceremonies!

Esteemed bootcasters Tichblucho and Boot Robinshoe are all set up in Longwing Stadium to give you a first-hand view of the pageantry, the spectacle, and the SHOES, whose amazing stories will be told. And of course to deliver a preview on which shoes and boots you should expect to see taking home hardware in events like Gaff-Standing, Mirror Shine, the Handwelting, the Steeplechasse, and plenty more.

[Producer’s note: this is by far the weirdest Shoecast episode ever. Also maybe the best?!? So uhhh…be sure to tell us which.]

Give it a listen below!

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This episode was sponsored by Grant Stone, multiple-time gold medalist in the Value event, and a rising contender in so many more.

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