We’ve had both Nick Horween (the one from Horween Leather) and Phil Kalas (formerly of Horween, now making some of the best wallets, belts, and more over at Ashland Leather) on the Shoecast before. WELL APPARENTLY THAT WASN’T ENOUGH FOR THEM.

Clearly over-emboldened by recently starting their own show, the Full Grain Podcast, Phil and Nick swung into a recent Shoecast recording session, said “we’re the hosts now,” and proceeded to interview Ben and Ticho.

Which actually led to some very fun conversations about how we got started with this whole caring way too much about shoes and boots thing, community building, Patina Thunderdomes, Chicago hot dogs (obviously), and plenty more.

Luckily Phil and Nick are very caring and wonderful captors, so, thank you fellas for doing it right.

Give it a listen below!

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