There are few things more wonderful than a great customer service experience—especially on an expensive purchase. Unfortunately, they’re also a bit too rare. But there IS A WAY to get fantastic, loving, oh-so-sublime customer service! Oh yes, there is a way. It just takes a small bit of work and thoughtfulness on your part.

Which is why we brought in Neil Berrett, co-founder of excellent customer-servicer shop Standard & Strange to lay out for us a simple set of guidelines and philosophies that can make you happier with the majority of your interactions when buying boots, shoes, and other footwear. And if you also buy other things from time to time for some strange reason, those things too.

Also I tell a story about the time I spilled a tray of waters on a table of nuns, back in my own personal customer service days.

So give it a listen below! And get ready to be lavished with care and understanding.

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This episode is sponsored by Nicks Handmade Boots, the Spokane-based maker whose Buy With Confidence guarantee ensures you get the right size, every single time. That’s very good customer service!!