This week’s roundup is bussin’, respectfully. New drops from Viberg, a ton of kudu from Meermin, a trio of limited editions from Oak Street Bootmakers…we’ve got it all right here.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

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Judd frost x stitchdown alden ravenwood_indy_oxford reverse tobacco chamois

Stitchdown x Judd Frost “Ravenwood” Alden Indy Oxford in Reverse Tobacco Chamois: $605

Ben was like “Josh would you mind putting these first on the list?” and I was all “I normally wouldn’t just to spite you, but these things are really damn good, so I was going to do it anyway.” Then he sent me a Rasheed Wallace gif for some reason, and here we are.

I did not lie: this Alden collaboration is indeed really damn good. Indy shoes have been overlooked for too long, and that tide is turning. With the six brass eyelets setting off the chamois, the subtle but balance-delivering heel foxing that’s never before been seen on an Indy shoe, and the endless comfort of the Trubalance last, these guys have a ton to like. Happy Ben?!?

Viberg Derby in Natural Dublin: $730

Fans of this distinctive waxed leather from Horween can now find it on Viberg’s classic derby shoe, built on the 2020 last with Dainite soles.

Viberg Slipper in Slate Calf Suede: $560

Viberg’s also got a dynamic duo of slippers out, both made on the standard 2010 last with not-standard Lactae Hevea rubber soles. You have your choice of this striking slate suede…

Viberg Slipper in Terre Calf Suede: $560

…or this vivid terre suede.

Meermin Service Boot in Autumn Spice Waxy Kudu: $250

The Kudu Kraze is happening at Meermin! They’ve got a bunch of different models made with three different colors of C.F. Stead’s waxy kudu leather up for grabs this week. Highlights include these excellent lugged service boots in some timely autumn spice…

Meermin Chelsea in Caper Green Waxy Kudu: $250

…these Chelseas in bold caper green…

Meermin Jodhpur in Snuff Waxy Kudu: $250

…and these studly jodhpurs in snuff. You can find all sorts of combinations of these leather and patterns for purchase here.

Oak Street Bootmakers Cap-Toe Lakeshore Boot in Toscanello Horse Rump: $524

OSB has been cranking out some very impressive Lakeshores lately, and now we have these hand-lasted fellas made with a leather that’s been getting a hell of a lot of well-deserved attention lately: Maryam’s Toscanello horse rump. Paired with a 360 storm welt and Dr. Sole half soles, you’ve got a heck of a snazzy, capable boot right here.

Oak Street Bootmakers Penny Moc in Brown Chromexcel: $328

If you’re in more of a loafing mood, OSB has also dropped a pair of limited-edition penny mocs decked out with some comfortable camp soles, both in some brown CXL…

Oak Street Bootmakers Penny Moc in Natural Chromexcel: $328

…and some natty CXL.

Alden Madison Plain Toe Boot in Reverse Tobacco Chamois: $597

Only a few sizes left, but…sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

Truman Boot Co. Service Boot in Snuff Waxed Roughout: $440

Waxed but not too waxy, the C.F. roughout leather on these boots will need virtually no maintenance. Perfect for all your shit-kickin’ needs.

Truman Boot Co. Service Boot in Navy Waxed Flesh: $460+ (MTO)

If you like your boots with a full dose of waxed flesh, Truman’s got you covered there, too. They’re currently running a customizable MTO of this Horween navy waxed flesh in their service boot pattern…

Truman Boot Co. Upland Boot in Navy Waxed Flesh: $480+ (MTO)

…as well as the Upland Boot.