Nicks Handmade Boots of Spokane, Washington has, in previous years, been known for their work boot offerings like the Builder Pro and heritage models such as the Robert. Lately, they’ve expanded their offerings at a rapid clip, getting adventurous with models like the limited-run Tanker Pro, or delving into classic styles like moc toe boots.

Now, Nicks is trying something a lil’ different: work boots made with the same bulletproof build quality as the rest of their lineup, but featuring leather with stretch marks, bug bites, and other scars, at an appreciable discount.

For now at least, Nicks’ Free Range Boots are all built on the Nicks moderate-arch HNW last at a 6 inch height with Vibram Christy soles. You won’t find any boots here with spotless, immaculate clicking—instead, Nicks is embracing imperfection by using leathers that would have normally been thrown away.

nicks free range boot color 8 cxl

It’s a bit different from the industry standard of selling “seconds quality” boots that have experienced issues during the manufacturing process. By using this less-than-“perfect” leather, Nicks is reducing their leather waste, and also allowing people to get a taste of that Nicks build quality without compromise at the relatively-modest price of $450. (Their most similar offering, the Traveler, starts at $520.)

Seems like people are really into the idea; since Nicks debuted the Free Range Boots last week, more than half of their offerings have been snapped up. Hopefully we’ll see more and more in the future from batches of what would otherwise be cast-aside leather.


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